US Institute: Erdogan is thief has no right to talk about democracy

Erdogan has always boasted that he is the only Islamic president to come to power in "democratic" ways He saw Erdogan as one of the most powerful leaders to come to power through fraud, and the AKP leader is now seeking to eradicate the rest of Turkey's democratic culture.

 Erdogan has long accused the opposition of rigging elections in Istanbul's municipality, and put pressure on Turkey's Supreme Electoral Council for a recount on March 31 in Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, which has more than 10 million registered voters. The AKP then lost the municipal elections in Istanbul by a narrow margin of 13,000 votes. This was the first time that Erdogan's party had lost elections in Istanbul since 1994. Erdogan is best known for saying, "Who wins in Istanbul, he wins in Turkey, "and then immediately ordered a re-election.

The American Institute of Gitstone mocked that Erdogan's cries for democracy about irregularities and fraud have created shy smiles on the faces of most foreign and Turkish observers because the Supreme Electoral Council did not find any fraud in the votes. "Sometimes you get the best investigators from the ranks of the best thieves," a European diplomat joked on condition of anonymity in a private conversation with Gitstone on April 4.

The vote was very shocking in the run-off election, according to the institute, this time Erdogan lost by a margin of more than 800,000 votes, compared with only 13,000 in the first race.

In 2016, the Turkish Ministry of Interior appointed agents to replace elected mayors from 28 municipalities across the country, most of them are in predominantly Kurdish areas of Turkey as a result of flimsy arguments that have long been published by the Turkish government. the institute believes that the target is the Peoples' Democratic Party

In his election campaign last October, Erdogan did not hesitate to threaten Kurdish voters: "Elections are approaching. If the people involved in terrorism succeed in the polls, we will appoint agents without delay, "Erdogan said in a speech.

By that time, 94 out of 102 municipalities in Kurdish-majority cities and towns were run by agents appointed by Ankara, Ankara moved to topple, arrest, and imprison the mayors following the 2014 City Council vote.   Miral Danish Bashtas, on Erdogan in Kurdish, said: "Your anger stems from your fear."

The institute believes that the elections have become a political tension between the central government in Ankara and the Kurdish east: The Kurds elect their leaders who are replaced by proxies from Ankara. The Kurds again elect their leaders, and the government in Ankara once again appoints proxies to replace them - a malicious vicious circle.

Erdogan did not surprise anyone when his government on August 19 replaced Kurdish mayors with government officials in three cities and arrested more than 400 people. The mayors of three major Kurdish-majority cities, Amed, Mardin and Wan, were charged with various crimes, including membership in an alleged terrorist organization and spreading terrorist propaganda, according to the Interior Ministry. "This is a new and clear political coup. It is a clear and hostile stance against the political will of the Kurdish people," the Executive Council of Peoples' Democratic Party said in a written statement. The three mayors were elected with between 53% and 63% of the votes in their cities in March.

The paper explains that it is better for Erdogan to ask himself difficult questions: If Kurdish mayors already have links to terrorism, if deposed mayors have already established links with terrorist organizations, why were they allowed to run in the elections in the first place?

This drama may continue: The Kurds will elect their leaders, and Erdogan will expel them. The Kurds will again elect their leaders, and Erdogan will also expel them. The Kurds will vote for other leaders, and Erdogan will also expel them.

In conclusion, the institute says: "Erdogan must sit, think and discover: Why do the Kurds in his country of 20 million or so insist on the election of" terrorists in the eyes of Erdogan "as mayors of their cities and towns, and challenge his calls to do otherwise?



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