US patrol intercepted Russian one, SDF interfered _ UPDATED

An American patrol intercepted a Russian patrol on Girkê Legê-Dêrik road near Kar Qahfak village, which led to traffic interruptions, as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) interfered and the problem was solved.

On Saturday, a Russian patrol went to the area east of Girkê Legê district in the framework of regular tours carried out by Russian forces in the region, but an American patrol intercepted the Russian patrol way on Girkê Legê-Dêrik road near Kar Qahfak village.

According to the information, the Russian patrols usually take dirt roads in the area north of Girkê Legê district adjacent to the Turkish border, but due to the rainfall and the closure of dirt roads, the Russian patrol was forced to take the public road between Girkê Legê and Dêrik, but an American patrol intercepted its path and prevented it from continuing to progress bringing traffic to a standstill on the highway.

While patrols had opened part of the road currently for civilian cars to pass, the Russian and American patrols were in place.

Our correspondent explained that the SDF intervened and solved the problem, as the Russian patrol returned to Qamishlo, and opened the way for passers-by.


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