US, Russian military commanders to discuss coordination of operations in Syria

The spokesman for the US Joint Chiefs of Staff said that the commanders of the US and Russian armies will meet on Monday in Vienna to discuss the operations in Syria.


The spokesman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of US Col. Patrick Ryder said that the General Joseph Danford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will represent the US side in the meeting with the General Valery Ghassimov according to what  AFP reported.

Ryder said that the military commanders will discuss the avoiding of a collision during the operations of the Coalition and Russian operations in Syria, the exchange of views on the conditions of US-Russian military relations, the current international security situation in Europe and other key issues.

The French agency sees that the matters that raise tensions between the US and Russian armies is the cause of nuclear powers in Europe, especially after the United States abandoned the medium-range nuclear missile treaty, accusing Russia of not complying with it.

In August 2018, Russia sent a secret message that had been leaked, including proposals for cooperation to ensure the reconstruction of Syria and the return of the refugees.

In December last year, the US President Donald Trump decided to withdraw the American army's units deployed in north-east of Syria, where they took part in the fighting alongside the Syrian Democratic Forces against IS, but returned and agreed to keep a small force of about 200 soldiers.

Washington is in negotiations with its Western allies in the Coalition against IS to ensure sending a European force to the region.



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