US sanctions on individuals and entities belonging to the Syrian regime

The US Treasury Department announced on Tuesday new sanctions against 16 people and entities linked to the Syrian crisis raging since 2011.

US sanctions included prominent Syrian businessman Samer Fawz and his family, who have close ties to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Washington says Fawz and his family have made millions by developing real estate on land seized from those who fled the war.

The US Treasury Department said it had imposed sanctions on Samer and his two brothers, Amer and Hussein, and Aman Holdings, which his family owns and operates in the coastal city of Latakia.

Among the companies listed on the list are two companies based in Lebanon, Synergy SA and BS Company, on charges of importing Iranian crude into Syria, at a time when Washington has tightened sanctions on the sale of Iranian oil.

The sanctions also included the television channel "Lana" and the Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus, which are run directly by Samer Fawz, according to AFP.

In total, the sanctions included 16 individuals and companies, most of whom were the European Union imposed sanctions last January.

US sanctions freeze any potential assets of individuals and entities in the United States and deny them access to the international financial system.

Source: Sky News

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