US State Department: We work with SDF to ensure a permanent defeat for ISIS

A US State Department official confirmed that his country is still working to ensure the permanent defeat of ISIS by working with reliable local forces, including the Syrian Democratic Forces, while the American official saw that the Assad government is in the stage of collapse, and he also called on Turkey to respect the agreement to stop attacks on northeast Syria .

"The Trump administration and the international coalition have been clear about preventing ISIS from reshaping itself, and while the alleged caliphate has been eliminated, there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure the organization's permanent defeat," a State Department official told Al

He also noted that despite the defeat, "this enemy appeared capable of reproducing its capabilities, albeit in a limited manner."

In addition, the official indicated that the Coalition continues its activities and continues to support its partner forces "in Iraq and Syria through a high level of consultations and sharing intelligence, air support and giving them equipment."

"The mission of the American forces in Syria today remains the same as in 2014, that is, the defeat of ISIS," the US official said.

He added, "The elements of the American armed forces are working with reliable local forces, including the Syrian Democratic Forces in the northeast, and with the commandos of the revolution in the al-Tanf region."

On US pressure on the Assad government, the State Department official said, "The United States, the small working group and countries like it around the world are working to prevent Assad from obtaining the financial resources he uses to finance the campaign of violence and destruction that has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians."

He added that "many reports indicate that Assad and his regime are now in a phase of collapse."

Regarding the relationship with Turkey, he said, "Working constructively with Turkey on issues related to Syria and waiting for Ankara to respect the text of the joint statement between US Vice President Mike Pence and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on October 17, 2019, including the cessation of offensive operations in northeastern Syria."

As for Iran's role, a State Department spokesman said when asked about the issue, "Iran's only contribution to Syria has been violence and destabilization."

"If Iran were concerned about the welfare or safety of the Syrian people, it would have supported the UN-led political process under Resolution 2254 and withdrew the Revolutionary Guard, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups supported from the Syrian territories."

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