US website: Resistance escalates in Afrin

The US Monitor website said that Russia is the main reason for the occupation of Turkey to Afrin, referred to the looting, stealing and demographic change operations and confirmed that the resistance is escalating against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries.


The American Monitor website talked about the occupation of Afrin, violations, killings and demographic change since the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have launched an aggressive attack on the Kurdish majority city of Afrin.

The United Nations and Human Rights Watch were among the international bodies that provided a valuable view about the widespread human rights' violations (raping, stealing, extortion, abduction and forcible displacement of the indigenous peoples in favor of other components transferred from the areas which were retaken by the Syrian army in the eastern al-Ghouta).

The United Nations said that some of these acts were similar to war crimes. As for the resistance shown by the Kurds in Afrin against the Turkish occupier and its Syrian mercenaries, the implementing member through the internet Bellingcat seeks to unveil the 10-month resistance in a report published on March 1.

The study focuses on the operations carried out by three parties against the occupation of Afrin; the People's Protection Units, the Olive Wrath and Afrin Liberation Forces. They have announced their responsibility for 220 operations carried out between late March 2018 and the end of January 2019.

Alexander McEver, a master's student at City University in New York who collected and analyzed the data told the Monitor that the three forces had announced another 25 attacks in February.

The majority of military and political analysts praised the strength and courage of the People's Protection Units (YPG) in their battles against IS, where their men and women fighters with their Arab and Syriac allies in SDF defeated the organization and eliminated the alleged caliphate.

In the occupied area of Afrin, the Monitor points out that the fighters usually use hand grenades during the day and ambushes on the side of the road with small firearms at night, but recently, the Afrin Liberation Front has begun using guided anti-tank missiles against its Turkish enemies.

The website indicates that the situation is so vague in Afrin to the extent that it is impossible to confirm it, as with the death toll. At least, 10 Turkish soldiers have been killed since the end of the Turkish offensive. Turkey often attributes deaths to demining incidents.

Bellingcat estimates the number of Turkish mercenaries killed over the past 10 months at more than 100 in what they call a cautious estimate.

The site confirms that the main reason that enabled Turkey to launch an attack to occupy Afrin is Russia which opened the airspace for the Turkish aircrafts over Afrin.

Thomas Schmidinger, a political scientist and cultural anthropology at the University of Vienna who wrote two recent books on the Syrian Kurds one about Afrin, said that the fall of Afrin was as a huge blow to the Syrian Kurds.

Schmidinger said to Monitor, "Afrin city is considered more Kurdish from any part of Rojava," and he added, "Afrin is the freest and most open area in Rojava, and it was also a center for religious minorities like the Yezidis and Alawites. They are now suffering under the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries."

Schmidinger hinted the desecration of the sites and holy tombs of the Yazidis, all documented in a separate study of Bellingcat.

However, other ethnic and sectarian components also suffer under ethnic cleansing policies. Refugees are prevented from returning, while Arab settlers and Turkmen take over their homes.

"It seems that Turkey tries to establish a kind of Turkish Republic of north Syria in the region like the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, but with an Islamist Muslim Brotherhood agenda," Schmidinger said.

The site refers to Turkey's seizure of the olive harvest in Afrin which was one of its main sources of income, as well as the burning of thousands of olive trees.

The website considers that all these violations support the desire of the Kurds to take revenge, but Fabrice Blanche, the assistant professor and research director at the University of Lyon II who closely monitors the Syrian conflict says that Turkey is unlikely to emerge at this time because Moscow is in not hasty to see Turkey leaving because Afrin gives Russia an influence over Turkey and the regime.

But Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) declared in a statement last month that it would focus on "liberating Afrin" once the battle against Daesh ended.



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