Vandalism at headquarters of two operating organizations in al-Hol Camp

Security sources inside the horror camp, the most dangerous camp in the world, reported that ISIS children broke the windows of the headquarters of the NRC and Blumont and stole their contents, against the background of the separation of the two organizations of a number of its employees, who were suspicious of their collusion with ISIS mercenaries.

ISIS children living in al-Hol Camp 45 kilometers east of al-Hasakah attacked the headquarters of organizations operating in the camp, and broke its windows and stole them.

According to security sources from inside the camp, to ANHA’s agency, the attack came against the background of the NRC dismissing all employees living in al-Hol camp in al-Hasakah countryside and working in its distributed centers in the camp, who suspected of complicity with ISIS mercenaries.

The sources added, that the decision to dismiss included the teachers of the educational centers as well as the guards of the centers, while replacing them with employees from outside the camp.

The same sources also pointed out that the French Blumont organization, too, dismissed one of its workers in the camp; Note that he is the only guard of the camp residents.

The camp administration demanded the organizations to replace their employees from the camp's residents, as ISIS mercenaries often rob the employees and rob them of their salaries under the pretext of "paying zakat".

It is noteworthy that the camp witnessed yesterday evening cases of theft of school contents on the first day of the replacement of guards from outside the camp, in the NRC branches with the first, fourth and fifth sectors.



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