Various activities in European cities invite women to consolidate organization

Many European cities witnessed various events and activities, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

In conjunction with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which marks November 25 of each year, institutions and women's organizations organized a series of events in a number of European cities.


In the Russian capital, Moscow, women issued a statement on this occasion calling for an end to violence against women.

The statement read: “Kurdish women in all four parts of Kurdistan and beyond are waging a struggle against rulers, occupiers and traitors, and they pay a heavy price every day. However, every day, in every place, city and street, a woman is killed by her father, brother, or husband, or they are married at a young age, or they are tortured because of their political, social and ideological work."

The women also denounced the dirty agreements against Şengal “As Kurdish women in Moscow, we closely follow the events in Kurdistan, and we see what is happening in terms of dirty new agreements concluded in Şengal, while the Kurdistan Democratic Party abandoned it when ISIS attacked, and the Yazidi women were left to face their fate.”

The statement called on women to strengthen their organization, to show their presence in all aspects of life, and to wage the struggle.


In the British capital, London, the Kurdish Women Initiative hung banners on the BBC radio building in the north of the city, amid the people's encouragement.

Besides, banners are to be posted daily in the city's famous parks and squares.

In this context, women members of a number of women's organizations in Britain, including (the Socialist Women's Union, women's organizations, the Commission for Women's Relations, Women's Wards, the Kurdish Women's Initiative and others) have sent the message "We are stronger together" against violence through video clips.

The women called through the video clips for uniting women by saying, “We are still strong together,” and emphasized the continuation of the struggle “for freedom until the end,” and called on the Turkish authorities to implement the Istanbul Agreement. ”The women announced that they would continue their activities until Erdogan's trial.


Meanwhile, the Kurdish women's movement in the Netherlands issued a statement on the occasion of the International Day of Struggle Against Violence Against Women, and announced its program of activities.

According to the program, Kurdish women, with the participation of the International Women's Platform, will organize a march on November 25 in Rotterdam, and an information tent will be set up against forms of violence against women and resistance to women. In addition to organizing a mass event in the city of Arnhem.

Northern Kurdistan and Turkey

In northern Kurdistan and Turkey, the Free Women Movement (TJA) and the Women's Council of the Democratic People's Party (HDP) organized workshops and a series of activities on the occasion of November 25, in the cities of Mardin, Mersin, Ankara and Adana and in the districts of Sırnak and Hazakh.


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