Venezuelan opposition to demonstrate today

The Venezuelan opposition is preparing to demonstrate on Saturday at the invitation of its leader, Juan Gaidu, to keep pressure on President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guido is rallying his supporters on Saturday to keep pressure on Socialist President Nicolas Maduro, amid discontent among Venezuelans facing water and electricity cuts.

"This struggle is for better conditions for the lives of all Venezuelans," wrote Guido, who was recognized by more than 50 countries as the transitional president of the country.

The 35-year-old opposition leader is trying to give a new impetus to what he calls the " The Freedom Operation ", in which he intends to walk toward the presidential palace in Miraflores at an undetermined date to take office.

The day's march is also aimed at protesting frequent power cuts and water supply problems, Guido said.

Venezuela saw the worst power rationing in early March. For about 10 days, the country has been drowning in the dark by intermittent power cuts and regular periods, creating water distribution problems as water pumps for homes and electricity buildings stop.

The government reduced working hours from eight to six hours and suspended classes in schools. There will also be electricity rationing throughout April.



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