Victims of Tel Koçer fire rose to 7 citizens

Medical sources in the canton of Qamishlo has confirmed that 7 citizens lost their lives due to fire that broke out on Saturday in the countryside of Tel Koçer district.

On Saturday afternoon, a fire broke out in the agricultural crops in the outskirts of the villages of Tel Alo, Krefani, al-Husseiniya, al-Sawame (Silos) and Om Khuheif in the countryside of Tel Koçer district belonging to Dêrik area.

Firefighters and civilian commissions, as well as members of the Asayîş Forces, and the military forces rushed to the scene of the fire for helping the people to extinguish the fires.

And a number of the citizens lost their lives while they were trying to extinguish the fires.

The administrator of Health Committee in Qamisho canton, Rojin Ahemd told our agency (ANHA), that 7 citizens including a woman and elements of the security and military forces lost their lives, while two people are still in intensive care at Dêrik city's hospital, and the status of one of them is critical.

In this regard, Rojin said, "In the afternoon, two deaths had arrived to Dêrik city due to the fire. In addition to that, five citizens are in critical cases, and they were entered to the intensive care rooms. At 12:00 pm, one of the injured died and another one died at 02:30. A third case, a woman also died at 4:30 am today."

According to doctors at Dêrik city's hospital, there are two cases in the hospital, one of which is critical and the other is still stable. According to the concerned authorities in Tel Koçer district, the fires devoured about two thousand hectares of agricultural lands.

Some of the people who were involved in extinguishing the fire indicated that the fluctuation of the winds led to the rapid spread of fires.

On the causes of injuries and deaths, a number of residents said that the direction of the winds suddenly changed when the residents were trying to put out the fire. Some people who were inside the farmland were not able to leave after they were surrounded by fire, suffocating them from heavy smoke and then burning them.

Sources from the forces of al-Sanadeed confirmed on Saturday to Hawar news agency (ANHA) that two of their fighters were martyred during their participation in the extinguishing of the fires.

While sources from the Internal Security Forces (ISF) confirmed that two of their elements were martyred during their participation in extinguishing the fire without details about the names and identities of the martyrs.



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