Victims' toll rises to 378 civilians in demilitarized zones, SOHR says

 Land and air raids continue on the so-called demilitarized zones, where regime forces launched rocket attacks and raids on the villages of Hama and Idlib, while the civilian toll of ongoing military operations for the 41st day amounted to 378 civilians.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights(SOHR) reported that the ground and aerial bombardment of the so-called demilitarized zone had continued between midnight and morning.

At least eight raids were carried out by the Russian planes after midnight on Tuesday, targeting areas in al-Sayyad, Kafarzita and its environs, north of Hama and the vicinity of Khan Sheikun, south of Idlib, while the warplanes targeted heavy machineguns at Khan Shikhun in the early hours of the day targeting troops were heading  to Hama.

The forces of the regime launched more than 260 shells and rockets since the middle of the night places in Khan Sheikhoun, Harish Abidin, Qusabiya, Abu Dhouhr axis, and the deserted battalion of the eastern and southern villages, and areas in the Qabana and Haddad axes within al-Akrad Mountain and the supply routes of Lattakia countryside, and the town of Zammar in southern Aleppo countrside.

In the same context, the mercenary groups bombed the positions of the regime forces in the Kubanah area of ​​rural Lattakia, causing the deaths of two regime forces and the number of wounded.

Casualties  raised to 378 civilians killed since the worst-ever escalation in the "reduction of escalation" area on April 30 to Tuesday, including 94 children and 81 citizens.


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