Videoed…HPG directed strong blows against Turkish occupation

At least, 6 Turkish elements were killed in the operations carried out by the People Defense Forces (HPG) against the Turkish occupation army's positions, HPG published videos and photos on the operations.

In a statement issued by HPG, in which the death toll against the Turkish occupation was disclosed:

-On June 29 at 16:00 our troops carried out 2 operations against the Turkish occupation army on Shekir Hill and Khoda Hill in Medya, the operation resulted in the killing of 6 soldiers  of the enemies, after the operation, the occupation army recovered its dead and wounded by the Skorsky helicopters .

-On July 5 at 20:00, the troops carried out an operation targeted a radar hill, of Qaliban district of Shernekh area, the operation resulted in the destruction of the radar center.

On June 21, at 08:00, the troops detonated an vehicle of "Rio" type on the road of Gele Hill post.

The military vehicle was destroyed, and a number of soldiers was killed.



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