Violate their rights ,international laws and conventions are unable to protect them

In one month, 28 women, including a pregnant woman, were abducted, raped, assaulted and killed, after the Turkish army and its mercenaries occupied the Afrin canton, not to mention mercenaries wearing the headscarf, which was imposed imposed by Islamic State 's gangs (IS) to dominated areas .


Women's rights are often violated in most wars and battles, where they are used as a tool to implement the targets. This is happening now in Afrin, where the Turkish occupation army violates the rights of women in Afrin canton .

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries practice various forms and methods that are immoral and violate the rights of women in Afrin, where they are abducted, assaulted, killed and raped.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries also require women to wear veils and black robes, as did Islamic State 's gangs( IS) territories in occupied in Syria and Iraq.

One of the heinous practices committed by the Turkish occupation army against the women of Afrin is rape. The number of women raped by them is 6 within one month.

Rape is a crime under international law issued by the International Criminal Court in February 1998.

In Afrin, 800 people were injured, including 93 women, and 228 people, including 28 women, were martyred as a result of the shelling of the Turkish occupation army and the artillery. In addition, the Turkish occupation army committed five massacres which claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians.

Document the abduction, assault, rape and murder of Afrin women

28 women, including a pregnant woman, were subjected to abduction, rape, assault and murder by 28 Turkish women, including a pregnant woman, during a month of occupation by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries. The mercenaries were forced to wear headscarves as did Islamic State 's gangs (IS) to domiated areas.

According to the cases documented by thHawar news agency (ANHA), there are 6 cases of rape, 21 kidnapping and murder.

A reliable source from Tel-Sallor village in janders district told (ANHA)earlier that a woman was raped in the village by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries and used various methods of violence because she refused to cooperate with them. In addition, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries told the villagers that they would take the woman To a prostitute all over Janders area.

On the other hand, local sources from Afrin reported that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries kidnapped the girl Zouzan Bashir Suleiman at Trenada checkpoint leading to Afrin on Friday, 20 April, while returning with her family to Afrin.

According to the girl's family, there were two mercenaries and two Turkish soldiers at the checkpoint. During the interrogation, Zouzan said that she was a school of sports education, but suddenly the two Turkish soldiers shouted at the members of the checkpoint and demanded that Zouzan be arrested as "terrorist" and forcibly taken to an unknown destination.

Zouzan is a graduate of the Institute of Art Education in Aleppo. She was born in 1988 from Kafa Safra village at Janders area .

The mercenaries also abducted Khadija Riyad, 21, who was married six months ago and a pregnant woman in her second month.

The family is now in a state of deep shock and appealed to the international community to intervene to save their daughter and to reduce the violations of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against civilians.

Residents of Korka Foqani in Mobata district also found the corpse of an unidentified woman in the third decade of life lying in a house, showing signs of torture and cutting her wrists.

 According to sources from Shitika village at Mobata district  , mercenaries raped two women, in addition to abducting 13 girls from the village on the pretext of being interrogated, and three young women from Obaidan village in Bullbul district  have been kidnapped so far their fate is unknown.


What is shameful is that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army raped three young girls at the age of 15, and the mercenaries removed the earrings from the women's ear with their hands.

According to audio recordings of women, who arrived at (ANHA) the women in Afrin can not get out of their homes. During the recording, the women describe Afrin as a jailer, asserting that they wear long and wide clothes even at home for fear of mercenary practices.

Among the women exposed to these practices citizen whose name is  Hevin  Tari.

As Amina Ali was kidnapped from Medina district in Rajo area, and she was a citizen of Ma'an and a resident citizen living in Ashrafieh neighborhood in Afrin cirty and there is no information obtained about names the tow girls

Prepare statistics documenting crimes against women

In this context, the coordinator of Kongra Star in Afrin Fatima Lkto told hawar news agency (ANHA)that as a result of the occupation of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries of Afrin many children remained without mothers. "Women went through a bad psychological state during theshelling of aviation and heavy weapons of occupation and even when they entered Afrin, Wretched women, without global action, humanitarian and women's organizations have done nothing. "

Fatima Lkto confirmed that they are preparing a statistical record of the crimes committed against women and children in Afrin by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, and that they are trying to reach cooperation with women's organizations to stop what is happening against the women of Afrin.




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