Violations are ongoing in Afrin 

The violations of the Turkish occupation and its gangs are increasing day by day against the people of Afrin. Moreover, Eyewitnesses who managed to flee from Afrin narrated what is happing in Afrin now, including the citizen (R,S), who was arrested more than once and was forced to pay money for his release.

The citizen (R,S) from the people of Shia district belonging to Afrin canton was exposed to the worst kinds of torture by the mercenaries of Firqet al-Amshat while he was existing in his district, he could have been killed, but escaped from the canton.

He paid 1000 $ for his release

The citizen (R,S) begins his speech by referring to the early days of the occupation of Afrin by saying: "The shelling intensified on Shia district, so I went to the city of Afrin. After occupying Afrin canton by the mercenaries, I returned to Mirkan village in Mobata district. There, I have been arrested for 4 days by al-Amshat gang and after that, they took me to Qermitlaq village's prison in Shia district, where they tortured me for four days."

'All parents have paid money to return to their homes'

And added, "The mercenaries forced the families that wanted to return and live in their homes to pay 25,000 Syrian pounds for entering their homes. Moreover, there are families that do not have money to pay and they are living in the tents set up in agricultural lands because the mercenaries did not allow them to reside in their homes."

More than 1,000 families settled in Shia

He said, "More than 1,000 families settled in the homes of the indigenous people, and the most of these families were from the provinces of Hama and its villages. They practice the racial discrimination against the residents, as they complain against them under false pretexts, while the so-called "Security Guards" arrest the people and there, a fine is imposed on the people to be allowed to get out.

After his release, he was arrested again

And added, "Two months after my release, the mercenaries returned and arrested me without a reason for four hours. They claimed that the Turkish state would arrest me and take me to Turkish prisons, and that this would make me stay there for years, but if the money was paid, my problems would be solved, so I paid 500 $ and got out of the mercenaries' prison."

The mercenaries seized the olive season

Al-Amshat mercenaries seized the olive season by plundering 25% of the season's revenues for all Shia district's people and the district's council forced us to give it 10% of the season, and the rest of the income was distributed to workers' wages and others. After the end of the season, a financial fine estimated of 50,000 S.P was imposed on the people.

'Mercenaries loot everything'

He said that the mercenaries looted all the resources in Afrin. The council collected money from the residents claiming that it would repair the roads, but al-Amshat gang arrested all the members of the council, tortured them and stole the money collected by the council. The citizen Ahmed Sheikho lost his life under torture, and the citizen, nicknamed Abu Nashat, also lost his life, and there was another detainee named Omar Habash entered the prison and no information was known about him.

Newroz celebration was prevented

He concluded by pointing out that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries had canceled all aspects of Kurdish holidays in Afrin and its environs, including Eid Newroz.  And said, "In Shia district, speaking in Kurdish and teaching it in schools were prevented. On the day before Newroz, all the people were threatened not to flame fire or they would be arrested, and they distributed leaflets on this issue, as part of the cultural and historical genocide of the Kurdish people."

The citizen preferred not to be named because his family still lives in the city of Afrin, which poses a threat to their lives.



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