Violations, demographic change continue in Afrin

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries exceed all humanitarian, moral and legal charters in Afrin from kidnappings and killings, ransom, burning of forests and trees, displacement of indigenous people and the seizure of homes in circumstances where human rights are absent.

The residents of Afrin who are living in the city of Afrin, occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries, were subjected to various kinds of violations and acts that affect the existence and identity of Afrin city, which is aimed at genocide and ethnic discrimination.

The civil and political institutions of Afrin canton are trying to document violations of the Turkish occupation by reaching all organizations and parties concerned with the protection of human rights, and providing files to reach the Afrin residents to investigate the violations.

In addition, Russia ignores the response to the letters of the people of Afrin who handed it over to the Russian Reconciliation Center in northern Aleppo for four consecutive times, which demand to end the Turkish occupation of their city.

Here we list a series of violations documented by ANHA during June, along with hundreds of cases documented in the past.

Kidnapping, and unknown fate

The fate of more than 1,000 civilians remains unknown for more than a year since the Turkish occupation of Afrin, while mercenaries continue to kidnap the people.

They kidnapped Hussein Hamo, 30, in October 2018, and Meqdad Sheikh Zainal, 32, in May 2018, from the village of Cheqela Westani in the Shih district. Their fate is still unknown.

The abductions continued, on June 11, the citizens Jeker Habash and Neshat Abdul Rahman Janu were abducted from the village of Hebbo in ​​Mobata district.

On 19 June, Ibrahim Khalil Jumki, Mustapha Yousef bin Rashid, Zakaria Nasu bin Ibrahim, Mohammed Habash bin Ahmed, Sa'id Jumki bin Abdeen, Nasrat Antatabi Mohammed, Rasheed Habash bin Nuri, were abducted from the village of Araba in the district of Mobata.

In addition to the abduction of the citizens, "Firas Izzat Hanan, Ali Hanif Omar, Mustafa Bahjat Yusuf," according to sources, it is likely to deport them to Turkey.

While the mercenaries and soldiers of the Turkish occupation raids and kidnappings of the villages of Kefardl, Tlaf, Kafarzita, Gazia, Kfirih and others in the area of ​​Janders.

According to our sources, the citizen Dejwar Majid was abducted from the village of Talaf, and Zuhair Aziz, Ali Kala Khairi, Adnan Abdo Hamo, Mohamed Farid, Khalil Hassan Abdo, Mohamed Hassan, Omar Mohamed Hassan, Bashar Mohammed Hassan, Abdo Mahmoud, from Kafarzita village.

On 21 June, the mercenaries kidnapped Mas'ud Ahad Haji and his father while they were in Maydanka Lake, despite the fact that his brother worked in the Civil Police of the Turkish occupation.

Fate of the child Mohammed is unknown

No one forgets the case of the kidnapping of three civilians in Azaz, including the 9-year-old Mohammed, who is from Afrin canton. They were kidnapped while they were leaving Afrin on the road to the town of Azaz.

Mercenaries killed the father of the child Rashid Hamid Khalil from the people of Janders.

The mother of the child Mohammed, Ghalia Suleiman and her child Hameed 15 years old, and Dermesh 14 years old are discontented and resentful about the silence of the organizations and the lack of knowledge of the fate of her child and his release.

Black marks and signs placed on houses

Al-Emshat mercenaries take over the houses of the villagers in the villages of Shih district, put black signs and badges on the houses they have taken, and prevent anyone from approaching them.

According to the source, the mercenaries are expelling the Kurdish population from their homes and then putting black signs on the houses.

Imposing royalties on wheat and barley crops

The mercenaries of the occupation impose royalties on the wheat and barley crop in the villages of Afrin, while Suleiman Shah's mercenaries prevent the villagers of Qermetleq from irrigating their agricultural land with water flowing from the old spring in the foot of Arenda Mountain.

Only the settlers and residents are allowed to water the lands they have occupied.

Suleiman Shah's mercenaries violated all ethical standards and demanded the family of Hussain Khoja from the village of Jaqla Fewqani, who died three months ago in al-Shahba canton, to pay a ransom for his work in the village's commune.

Burn of 1500 olive trees

Turkish mercenaries continue to burn crops, forests, trees and olive trees in the villages and suburbs of Afrin canton.

In recent days, mercenaries have set fire to the mountains of Khenhfetar, Zira, Haneh Abedo and Yagmur Dada, which are overlooking the village of Badina of Mobata district where 1500 trees were burned.



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