Violations ,looting in Afrin ... ...malicious policies to truncate it -1

Turkish occupation army and its gangs are still on going to show their bad face , this army is second in "NATO " and  the seventh in the world after occupying Afrin city using all kinds of weapons to occupy Afrin city had began looting  Afrin people 's properties .


Turkish occupation army respresented by The Goverment of Justic and Development headed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan occupy parts of Syrian territory wants to return dreams of their Ottoman ancestors using children the region in the Middle East and North Africa so in this file we address some aspects of the looting carried out by the Turkish occupation in Afrin.

A long history of "AKP" looting in Aleppo and al-Shahba

The second most powerful army in "NATO" had many experiences in theft, robbery the factories of Aleppo, the economic capital of Aleppo, were the best proof of their barbarity. All the heavy machinery of factories and textile factories were transferred from Aleppo to the cities. The first Turkish face in Aleppo city  in 2014 and 2015 was the faction of "Sultan Murad"and "Sultan Mohammed al-Fateh "'s brigade who participated in the Turkish attack to occupy Afrin, and proved some of the wagons The extent of the involvement of these two factions in the looting Aleppo civilans 's properties .

 The mercenaries and the Turkish army have reconstructed the scenario of robbery and looting of Aleppo in its northern and eastern suburbs as well, especially in al-Shahba areas where the Turkish occupation army began its supposed military operations against IS gangs . On August 14, 2016, he called for the occupation of Jarablus city with out any battels ariving to al-Bab city south and west Mara town , which gave an opportunity for mercenaries to steal al-Shahba civilans's properties of the poor character and carry out a campaign of arbitrary arrests against them and the destruction of their homes under the name of fighting with IS gangs , which was a mere play as a result of international agreements between the Government of Justice and Development and The Russian government, which allowed another country to occupy Syrian territory against the installed bases in Aleppo city.

4million olive trees, hundreds of factories and regional trade routes

The Turkish operation on Afrin had several reasons, including political and military, and the intersection of common interests between the international and regional forces to occupy it. Another important reason was the economic importance of Afrin to the entire North Syria as well as being a border area with neighboring Turkey. Its soil and its enjoyment of abundant water resources and its fame with olive trees.

Afrin considered  is one of the first regions in the world with the quality of olive oil, which annually collects more than 14 million trees. Afrin residents have millions of fruit trees spread over seven areas and 366 villages belong to Afrin center.

As for the commercial side, Afrin was a busy commercial center during the seven years of the Syrian revolution. Its geographical position is important between the northern and western Aleppo countryside and the northern countryside of Adlib and the existence of a heavy transportation complex, which made it a market for marketing its own agricultural crops and Syrian products from different regions of Syria, The commercial movement was able to enter and exit about 2000 truckloads of goods and agricultural crops, especially as it is the decisive factor for the entry of goods to Adlib and Deir –ez _Zor in the western countryside of Aleppo through two main crossing points: Qatma in Shara district and Ghazawiya in Sherawa district .

From the industrial point of view, Afrin was famous for the laurel soap, the olive press and the pyrene. The policy of the Syrian government during its rule in the region was to allow the opening of the pyrin factory in Afrin and prevent it in all other Syrian regions. This is done in an attempt to destroy the environment in Afrin , And opened after the beginning of the Syrian revolution and the arrival of all the children of Afrin from the Syrian cities to their city Afrin, Hundreds of workshops sewing and transport companies and tourist facilities.

Robbing chickens is more important than military clashes

Robbery, looting and arbitrary arrests continue to be carried out openly in villages and districts 's canton  by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army, who carry out the instructions given by the Turkish army and their central command of some officers who are from  Qarqniya village in Shara district headquarters to manage their military and security operations in Afrin According to local sources from the area.

The robbery, arrests and kidnappings have surfaced since the first day of the occupation attacks on the 20th of January. With mercenaries and soldiers of the Turkish occupation army attempting to break into the border villages of Afrin canton  from axis of Rajo and Bulbul districts from the first hours have been recorded many thefts to civilans's properties ,the people of these simple villages known to live on their crops, especially olives such as the video of the theft of chickens, which spread heavily on social networking sites.

They also stole the olive branch

The mercenaries stole tractors, agricultural machinery, civilian vehicles and olive oil tanks, which is known in the Middle East as one of the good oil toast. They also looted the contents of villagers' houses from electrical appliances, mainly televisions and refrigerators, and looted food supplies for families. The real objective of these Turkish attacks on the region is looting and destruction.

The border villages witnessed  compeletly looting, which was not a shame for the mercenaries, who boasted of their heinous acts and looting by publishing photographs of stolen goods on social media sites as "spoils of war" or because they ordered some houses to paint and write that the house or the point was good. These horrific acts, coupled with the massacres against the villagers, are a clear indication of the extent of the mercenary's hatred of the Afrin residents. This is also evident when they killed a citizen of Afrin who refused to hand over his agricultural tractor to them and publish the video online.