​​​​​​​Violations, practices ... What Turkish occupation does is with American-Russian blessing

Ad-Dirbasiyah residents explained that the Turkish occupation constitutes a threat to all countries of the Middle East, especially the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, noting that it seeks to exterminate the Kurdish people, and does so with America and Russia realization.

The Turkish occupation continues its attacks on all parts of Kurdistan, seeks to annihilate its people wherever they exist, and works to prevent the Kurdish people from reaching their rights, and all this in light of international silence.

Our correspondent monitored the opinions of the people of ad-Darbasiyah in this regard, as they affirmed that Turkey is the one that poses the greatest danger to them and always targets innocent civilians.

The citizen Raziyya Daoudosh said: "We know that the attacks of the Turkish occupation on our areas are not new. I remember that Turkey has long been aiming to end the existence of the Kurdish people and to obliterate their identity and culture through false arguments."

Raziyya called on the Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan to unite in order to stand against the practices of the occupation and to uphold their land.

In turn, the citizen Abdel Rahman Arab criticized the international silence towards the massacres and violations of Turkey against the peoples of the region. He continued: "Russia and America always ignore with silence Turkey's practices and violations against us. We all know that Turkey occupied Afrin with Russia's approval, and Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî with a green light from America because it withdrew from the two regions for Turkey to occupy them."

Arab pointed out that Russia and America are now implementing the same events in the regions of Başûr (southern Kurdistan), and they remain silent about the Turkish violations.

Arab noted that the Turkish occupation is working to change the demographics of the occupied regions in Syria, and added: "Now it is working in Başûr regions, so the Kurdistan Region Government and the Iraqi government should exercise caution against the Turkish state or justify their position towards Turkey's practices in their areas."

On the policy that the Turkish occupation state adopts, the citizen Mohamed Sheikh Dawood said: "Turkey is the one that poses a threat to all the people of the Middle East, especially the people of northern and eastern Syria, and this has become clear through its policy and occupation of the region, and the restoration of the practices of the Ottomans confirms this to us."



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