Violent clashes between occupation’s mercenaries continue in Tal Tamr; reports of dead and wounded

Local sources reported to the correspondent of "Hawar" news agency that internal fighting with heavy weapons is taking place between mercenaries in the western countryside of Tal Tamer district along the M4 international road now.

The correspondent of our agency stated that fighting between the mercenaries is taking place in each of the villages of Laylan and Al Arba’, west of Tal Tamr district, along the M4 international road.

Informed sources told our correspondent that the fighting took place about an hour ago, and was continuing and at a violent pace, and that automatic weapons and Dushka weapons were used.

The sources also pointed out that the fighting took place in the two villages, and the mercenary factions who are there have not yet been identified.

Our correspondent, quoting the sources, said that as a result of the fighting, a number of mercenaries were killed and wounded, the causes of which have not been known yet.


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