"Violent" security incident on Israel-Lebanon border; clashes continue

On Monday, the Israeli army announced of a "security incident" in the Shebaa Farms on the Lebanese-Israeli border, while other sources suggest that Hezbollah carried out an attack against Israeli military targets.

The Israeli army reported a security incident described as "violent" on the Lebanese-Israeli border, without further details.

According to Israeli media, quoting Israeli sources, there is an intensification of security measures in northern Israel, against the background of the incident.

Sources stated that there are ongoing clashes between the Israeli army and Hezbollah members on the border, and that there are reports of a dual operation on the border, including the launch of a missile directed at an Israeli military vehicle.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the news by saying: "We are at the height of an uncomplicated security event ... Lebanon and Hezbollah bear the responsibility."

The Israeli media indicated that there was a meeting led by the Minister of Security, Benny Gantz, to discuss the security incident.

Netanyahu had stated earlier today threatening Hezbollah: "We are following all the time what is happening in the northern border," adding that "Lebanon and Hezbollah will bear the responsibility for every attack coming out of Lebanon against us."

He continued: The Israeli army is ready for every scenario. We are working on all fronts for the sake of Israel's security, near our borders and away from them."


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