Virtual Media Assembly launches ''Recognise the Yazidi Genocide!''

Kurdistan Virtual Media Assembly has called on international community and all human rights associations to recognise officially the genocide that was perpetrated against Yazidis that is one of the deeply rooted peoples in the world calling to join the Hashtag that is going to be launched on August 2. 

A statement was released by the Kurdistan Virtual Media Assembly on the Yazidi Genocide that began on August 3, 2014, reads:

''It is thought that there are over a million Yazidis around the world, of which a large portion reside within Southern Kurdistan’s Sinjar region. The Yazidis have been the victims of 73 genocides; the most recent one occurring in 2014. According to article 140 of the Iraqi constitution, Sinjar was promised a referendum to determine its status. This has been blocked by the Iraqi government. In 2014-2015 the Yazidi people were attacked by ISIS. In this genocide, 2,213 Yazidi were massacred. 390,000 Yazidis were forced to flee. 7,000 Yazidis were abducted by ISIS after which the women were sold on in slave markets. The whereabouts of 3,000 women and children are still unknown. To date, 12 mass graves that contain the remains of Yazidis have been found. 68 holy sites were desecrated in the attacks.

Just like the 12 cavaliers in the Kurdish folk story of Derwese Evdi 12 PKK guerrillas went to Sinjar to protect the Yazidis from ISIS. The PKK guerrillas were able to stave off ISIS and prevent an even bigger atrocity after the Peshmerga had fled their stations. The events of 3 August 2014 went down in Yazidi history as the 73rd genocide. PKK guerrillas and YPG-YPJ fighters were able to create a safe corridor between Mount Sinjar and Rojava which prevented and even bigger massacre.

On 15 June, 2016, the UN’s Human Rights Council released a report on the Yazidis. The report extensively outlined ISIS’s massacre of the Yazidis and defined it as a genocide. The European Parliament also issued similar findings. However, subsequently Sinjar was forgotten by these very institutions and states. The Belgian and Dutch Parliament’s recognition of the Yazidi genocide is a positive step in the right direction. However, The UN and European Council must construct and recognize a legal status for Sinjar. According to the 3rd article of the four articles presented by the Belgian Parliament, the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government need to fulfil their own responsibilities and implement their own laws.

The occupying Turkish state has bombed Sinjar countless times and continues to threaten it. Europe and other international forces continue to remain silent in the face of these attacks. In order for Sinjar to be reconstructed and protected from attacks from the Turkish state, the Yazidi Genocide must be formally recognized and the societal and administrative rights must be legally guaranteed.

As the Kurdistan Virtual Media Assembly we call upon all international forces to recognize the Yazidi genocide committed against one of the oldest peoples of the world. Those who committed and enabled the genocide must be brought to justice. In order to prevent further massacres and genocides the Autonomous Administration of Sinjar must be recognized. We invite everyone to participate in our campaign (# hashtag) on 02.08.2021 at 21:00 Amed, 20:00 Brussels time on all social media platforms.''



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