Votel: I do not agree with Trump about withdrawing from Syria

US General Joseph Votel told CNN on Friday that he disagreed with Donald Trump's decision to withdraw troops from Syria and warned that the terrorist group was far from being defeated.


Votel said about the withdrawing the troops, "my military advice was not at this particular time... I would not have made this proposal frankly. (The Caliphate) still has leaders, it still has fighters, and it still has resources. Therefore, continued military pressure is necessary to continue to eliminate the terrorist organization." 

Votel, who spoke to CNN from Amman on Friday, revealed that he would only announce IS defeat, as Trump did in December, if he was sure they were no longer a threat.

Votel said, "When I say we've defeated them, I want to make sure they do not have the ability to plan or launch attacks against the United States or our allies, they still have that very strong ideology and are able to return quickly."



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