​​​​​​​Wall-paintings for awareness against Corona pandemic in Manbij

The artist Adnan Sharabaoui painted wall-paintings in the streets of Manbij with the support of the Democratic Civil Administration, harnessing his talent to perform his duty in society and contribute to raising the awareness  against the Corona pandemic.

Everyone has their own style of expression and delivering messages, but when the messages intended for social awareness, they must be created by specialized artists, especially in the light of the global corona pandemic, there must be a clear and concise message and a simple expression that the illiterate and educated, small and large, understand.

The health committee, the people municipality and the internal security forces in Manbij are continuing their duties under the extension of the curfew, which has yielded fruits, as no cases of the Covid-19 have been recorded so far, and the campaign line is also coming to complement the prevention of the global corona pandemic.

Individual initiatives stand out when they play their awareness role, harnessing all their potential and talents to perform their duty in society. One of these individual initiatives that contributed in painting wall-paintings in Manbij was the artist Adnan Sharabaoui, who initiated the drawing wall-painting for social awareness after the city administration provided him with all the materials and supplies he needed.

Our agency met with the artist,  while he was working in al-Kabar Street in the center of Manbij, and pointed out that he wanted to have a mark in the fine art field at this critical time for the whole world, as well as the city of Manbij due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, so he initiated painting wall-paintings in public squares and in the streets to be an awareness campaign for the people of the city.

Sharabaoui said his drawings simulate reality and embody messages urging commitment to the stay-at-home, preventive measures to survive the global coronavirus threat, and adopted the method of drawing children as a model for his painted pictures in the streets of the city.

 He explained that the number of drawings he was supposed to draw 6 paintings on the streets of Manbij, two of them were completed.

At the end of his speech, he expressed the hope that his message will reach the people, and called on everyone to help in all fields and to invest talent and moral and material abilities to help prevent the Corona pandemic.



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