Walls and trenches raise fears towards Syrian unity

Fears are growing among Syrians towards the areas occupied by Turkey in the north of the country, as walls are built and trenches dug continue. 

At the end of 2011 a trench separating Gire Spi AND Sere Kaniye was finished by the Turkish occupation forces.

These areas were occupied by Turkey after its indigenous people were displaced in 2019 replacing them with mercenary groups and families as hundreds of ISIS mercenaries returned to areas under Turkish occupation after years of spent in Turkey as the areas were liberated by the Peoples' Protection Units and Women Protection Units.  

The trench is some 230 km in length and 30 km wide in the Syrian territories along the Aleppo-Hasaka highway known as the M4.

Along the trench there is some 50 military bases of the Turkish occupation forces all provided with highly advanced technology as thousands of soldiers are stationed in. 

This Turkish project is based on building up 13 settlement units all supported and financed by Arab and international bodies and organizations, with the aim to broker a demographic change and break up the social fabric of the region. Turkey was and still deports the indigenous people of the region to be replaced by others.  

Turkish occupation state creates demographic change in north eastern Syria to create a ground to prolong its occupation of the region.

In Afrin the scheme seems more dangerous. Since 2019 a wall was set up between Afrin and the Shahba Canton in which thousands of IDPs liver in since 2019. This likes the wall built in 2016 between Northern Kurdistan and Rojava in with 911 km long.

The Bab area in eastern Aleppo countryside witnesses since 13 May wide scale popular protests on the background of the trenches being built by the Turkish occupation state that separates the Bab from Tadef. 30 % of the latter is controlled by the Syrian government forces while Turkish occupation state occupies 70 %.

There another wall is built to separate the Shahab Canton in northern Aleppo from Marea', up to date 200 metres have already being built. This signifies the bids exerted by the Turkish occupation state to dismember the Syrian territories and people either by building walls or digging up trenches.

All this is carried out amid an international and Arab silence. observers say that Turkey is delineating new borders and the country is facing partition. Turkey prepares to remain long in those areas whose indigenous peoples were displaced forcibly, according to observers.

From the Kurdish point of view, Turkey is consolidating via it agents and tools its partition of the Kurdish people. The separation wall between Northern Kurdistan and Rojava and between Eastern Kurdistan and Northern Kurdistan and between the Mustafa Kadhimi led government build a wall between Shingal and Rojava.

While the international community merely keeps watching the Turkish policies to annihilate the Kurds and Turkify them. However, the Kurds depend on themselves and on the gains made by the Kurdistan freedom movement that leads the armed struggle to gain the usurped rights of the Kurdish people and other peoples of the region that underwent repression and oppression at the hands of tyrannies and hegemonies.   



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