​​​​​​​War wounded: Our demand from residents is to abide curfew

​​​​​​​The war wounded appealed from al-Hasakah city's people to abide the decision of the curfew to protect themselves from deadly corona virus, which is considered the best way to prevent Coronavirus outbreak, demanding from international and humanitarian organizations to provide medical staff in NE, Syria.

The curfew that has been announced in the areas of the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria is still ongoing.

During interviews held by Hawar news agency (ANHA), a number of fighters who were injured during battles against ISIS mercenaries and the Turkish occupation have appealed to the people of al-Hasakah to abide in the curfew to protect themselves and their families from the deadly corona virus.

Youssif Ibrahim, one of the wounded in the wars against ISIS in Manbij, said" My demand from al-Hasakah people is to stay home during this period to protect themselves from this dangerous virus which has swept many countries around the world.

Ibrahim added, "The Coruna virus is rapidly spreading, and we suffer from a sharp shortage of equipment and medicines because of our area is witnessing war, death toll will be increased, appealed from the people stay home to protect themselves from Covid-19.

Youssif Ibrahim called on NGOs to provide equipment, medicines, and disinfectants for the medical staff in NE, Syria to prevent corona virus.

For his part, Ahmad Abdul Hakim, one of the wounded in battles against ISIS mercenaries in Deir-ez-Zor city in 2018" We, as war wounded centers in al-Hasakah did many precautionary procedures for corona virus prevention starting from sterilizing the centers, closing them to the end of the curfew".

Abdul Hakim added" Corona virus is even worse than human expectations, even the scientifically and medically developed countries could not overcome it or to find a drug to stop it" and concluded" that is why we ask our people to commit of the curfew to stay healthy". 



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