Washington announced that SDF ended Daesh in Syria, people of Ankara vow to defeat Erdogan's party

Washington has announced that SDF have ended Daesh in Syria, while Ankara's residents have vowed to defeat Erdogan's party in the municipal elections.


Arab newspapers touched upon several topics.

Asharq Al-Awsat: Washington: «Daesh» ended in Syria

Arab newspapers published this morning on the Syrian issue, several topics, the most important of which was the end of the control of mercenaries in Syria. In this context, the newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, quoted by a spokeswoman for the White House, yesterday, that the Pentagon confirmed that SDF defeated Daesh in al-Bagouz.

Al-Arab Newspaper: People of Ankara vow to defeat Erdogan in municipal elections

Many believe that the Turkish president, like many of his ruling Islamist party, is looking to the Turkish capital of Ankara as a symbol of a secular Republican project that has broken relations with the Ottoman past.

"The city has threatened the Islamic Justice and Development Party to get what it deserves by striking a painful election blow in critical local elections in less than two weeks. Polls showed opposition candidate Mansour Yavas, who is seeking the post of mayor of Ankara.

It added, "the election is going to run out until the end," adding that his victory would show "and this would give a moral boost to the opposition and make the government ask itself why we lost?



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