Washington announces the international military support program for Cyprus

Washington announced through its embassy in Cyprus its intention to start a military education and training program for the Republic of Cyprus, which is considered a step against Ankara's expansion plans in the Mediterranean.

The United States announced on Wednesday, according to the US embassy in Cyprus, that it will provide Cyprus with the International Military Education and Training Program "IMET", as part of a larger policy aimed at strengthening security and energy partnerships in the eastern Mediterranean.

"The United States is pleased to announce its intention to provide international military education and training to the Republic of Cyprus," the US embassy in Nicosia said in an online statement.

And said that the IMET program, which is scheduled to start in the beginning of 2021, will aim to "enhance regional stability and defense capabilities" through training and education on US military practices and standards.

The embassy said, "IMET is an effective way to enhance military partnerships and international alliances that defend our national security interests."

The training program is in line with a new regional policy put forward by the US Congress entitled "East Mediterranean Partnership for Security and Energy 2019", which includes maritime security dialogue and deepening energy security cooperation between Cyprus, Greece and Israel.

The project created a territorial dispute with Turkey - which does not recognize Cyprus as a state, and Ankara has called for half of the exclusive economic zone in Cyprus, and has repeatedly conducted offshore drilling operations with the warships in the region.

Turkey is also following what it calls the "Blue Homeland" doctrine of maritime expansion, which it claims is claiming large-scale territorial waters in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Seas.

The Hellenic American Leadership Council, a Greek diaspora organization based in the United States, praised the US embassy announcement.

The American Hellenic Leadership Council said on Twitter: "Today, an important first step in implementing the Eastern Mediterranean Law is the announcement by the US Department of State of the IMET program for the Republic of Cyprus."



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