Washington believes that North Korea's nuclear disarmament is still possible

The United States believes it can reach "complete nuclear disarmament" by the end of the current term of US President Donald Trump (January 2021), AFP reported.


A senior US official said Washington would ask Pyongyang for "clarifications" on the reasons for rebuilding a long-range missile launch site, noting that the US administration has not yet reached "any definite conclusion about what is going on there."

US experts said Thursday that a missile launch site North Korea had begun to dismantle as part of its rapprochement with the United States was "operational" again after Pyongyang restored its construction work.

According to new satellite images taken Wednesday by the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the site "38 North" that the site Sohe "become operational again."

The pictures taken on 6 March showed the completion of the construction of a railway structure to transport missiles to the launch pad "and may now be operational".



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