Washington: Iran's threat is deliberate ... Turks can retreat

The Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security, Catherine Wilburger said on Tuesday that the Iranian threat, which led to the movement of military units to the region was real, deliberate and coordinated for, noting that Washington's response hampered the movements of Iranians.

Wilburger's remarks came during a seminar in Washington on the dispatch of military units and troops to the region based on intelligence information about Iranian threats "closer to a campaign against US forces in the region," quoted by Sky News.

While the official in the Ministry of Defense said that Washington may have maintained and strengthened its presence to maintain balance in the region, but pointed out that the goal was to bring the Iranians to the negotiating table.

The United States moved militarily in the Middle East last May, after information showed that Iran was setting up short-range ballistic missiles over boats in the Gulf waters to target US troops and merchant ships in the region.

Washington sent to the area the Abraham Lincoln Aircraft Carrier, strategic launchers of B-52, as well as 1,500 soldiers to take "defensive duties" in the Middle East, according to US President Donald Trump.

Despite Trump's pledge of a strong response that would end Iran's presence if it attacked US interests or Washington's allies in the region, he opened the door to negotiations to reach a new agreement that included all its threats, not just the nuclear program.

Russia and Turkey

She criticized Russia's role in the Middle East, and referred again to the sanctions against Turkey if it continued purchasing the S-400 missiles.

But the official saw that the Turks still had a chance to retreat, pointing out that the States would provide economic support to the Turks in the event of difficulties in light of that.

The defense official said the Russians were not a reliable partner, recalling what was happening in the Syrian province of Idlib, saying it was in breach of a previous agreement between Moscow and Ankara.




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