Washington Post: Trump has to face Erdogan not surrender to him

The US Washington Post confirmed that Trump has retreated of strategic mistake by keeping American soldiers in Syria, the thing which will upset his European allies, and said, Trump has to face Erdogan instead of surrendering to his demands regarding the formation of the so called "buffer zone."


Trump decided suddenly to withdraw the US troops from Syria in last December, but his assistants, military commanders, the congressional leaders, and allies of the US tried to modify the decision which leads to disastrous results.  

In a report of Washington Post, it seems that the opponents of Trump advanced at the end, where American administration's officials said that about 400 troops will remain in the country, compared to about two thousands now, divided between north area on the Turkish border line, and south base near Jordan "al-Tenif base."

The newspaper pointed out that it is not clear whether this will be enough to prevent the struggle between the allied forces with the US in Syria and Turkey, guarantee not to reorganize the IS ranks in the area, and prevent the achieving of exceptional strategic gains to Iran and Russia. 

The US newspaper quoted, this is a positive step and will ease Trump's major strategic mistakes.

Trump announced that he had suddenly abandoned Syria without reference to his advisers or allies. The newspaper asserts that Trump never offered a persuasive explanation, and only repeated empty slogans about returning US troops from "endless wars" and refusing to become "the policeman of the Middle East".

According to the newspaper, until late this week, Trump has not listened to the senior military officials, Republican senators, as well as European leaders who warned of his misunderstanding of the situation in Syria and the dangers facing the United States.

The US mission there in north Syria, unlike those in Iraq and Afghanistan, will be largely successful after learning lessons from previous wars.

The US commanders have established a footprint in northeastern Syria and formed an alliance with the Syrian Democratic Forces. The US troops have air force support to the SDF during the liberation of the areas under IS control.

"It is the first time that Washington has any real influence in bargaining over Syria's future, and now after persuading Trump not to leave, the US commanders and diplomats can now go back to pursue the goals they set before, including ensuring that thousands of the remaining extremists in Syria will not reorganize."

The newspaper stresses that this would necessarily involve limiting the presence of Iran in the country, the first step would be to reach an agreement to establish a so-called "buffer zone" between the Syrian Kurds allied with the United States and the Turkish state. "This is a delicate project that requires Trump to stand in the face of Turkish President Recep Teyyip Erdogan instead of surrendering to his demands."

The newspaper said that the US officials will try to persuade Britain and France to continue deploying their counter-terrorism forces in north Syria.

It is worth mentioning that the Europeans had previously said that they would not stay if the United States withdrew.

The newspaper said that all of this has become even more difficult through Trump's deteriorating relations with major European allies, and Trump's relationship with tyrannical rulers such as Erdogan has worsened the situation.



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