​​​​​​​Washokani camp suffers from lack of services; refugees demand to push gangs out their city

In the absence of international organizations within the Washokani camp, the camp suffers from a lack of services despite what is being provided by the Autonomous Administration and the Kurdish Red Crescent, and the displaced people are calling on the countries of the world to intervene to expel the Turkish occupation's gangs from their lands to return to them.

Washokani camp, which is inhabited by more than 4 thousand displaced people, is going through difficult conditions, as the entire needs of the camp lie with Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA of North and East of Syria and the Kurdish Red Crescent, and the region is undergoing a state of siege.

The absence of organizations made many supplies distributed in an incomplete manner to the displaced, according to their availability in the hands of the Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA and the Kurdish Red Crescent, including "blankets, mattresses, foodstuffs and heating materials".

What increased the suffering of the displaced people was the advent of the winter and heavy rains that fell in recent days, number of the tents have been flooded. The camp administration and the Kurdish Red Crescent could not prepare it before the rains.

Uncle Sheikhamous Ali Taha displaced of Serêkaniyê district, talked to Hawar news agency (ANHA) about his suffering and displacement, and he says: “We have been displaced from our areas due to the bombing of the Turkish occupation warplanes and fear for our lives. Nobody can survive under the bombing of the warplanes and cannons, the situation in the camps is very difficult in the winter, there is a great shortage of living necessities. "My family is made up of fifteen individuals, and we manage our daily life with difficulty."

As for the child Abd al-Qadir Hussein, a displaced person from Serêkaniyê district. who, like thousands of other children, was deprived of their right to education, wished to open a school inside the camp, he continued, "The Turkish occupation mercenaries have vandalized our entire region and there is nothing left. I want to create a school in the camp and a soccer field.".



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