'We mobilized all our energies for Afrin, continue to provide assistance'

One of the supervisors of the donation campaign for Afrin residents in Kobani canton, Ismail Ahmed, indicated that they had exhausted all their energies to help Afrin people, confirming that they would continue to provide support until the people of Afrin returned to their homes.


On March 18, Democratic Autonomous Administration of Kobani canton in the Euphrates region organized a fund-raising and aid tent for Afrin residents in the Martyr 'Agid square in the center of the city.

Two weeks after the tent was erected, the autonomous administration in Kobani was able to send 29 truckloads of aid to al-Shahba in Afrin region, and the administration is still carrying on with its campaign, amid heavy demand from the people of the canton to provide assistance in all their capacities.

According to the overseeing committee of collecting aid, the assistance donated by the people of Kobani includes logistical donations and cash assistance.

It is noteworthy; having been forced to get out of their land by the attacks of Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on Afrin on 20 January, thousands of Afrin residents are currently living in the al-Shahba canton in Afrin region,.

According to one of the campaign supervisors, Ismail Ahmed, they have mobilized all their energies to help the people of Afrin. "We have experienced the feeling of displacement and bitterness of suffering we faced during IS mercenaries attack on Kobani in 2014, so we will help our people in Afrin by all means."

Ahmed stressed that they continue to provide assistance to the people of Afrin until they return to their land and defeat the occupiers and mercenaries.

In light of the human suffering that Afrin people are experiencing as they spend their lives amidst the devastation caused by IS mercenaries earlier in al-Shahba canton, humanitarian organizations stand by without assistance and their humanitarian duty, while the Kurdish Red Crescent and the children of the Syrian North provide assistance to them according to the possibilities.



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