We must be vigilant about plots against our regions ′

The head of the Deir Ezzor branch of the Future Syria Party indicated that many parties seek to create strife and differentiate between the components and people of northern and eastern Syria, and hit the Autonomous Administration project and destabilize security and stability, calling on everyone to be careful and vigilant about the plans being hatched against the region.

The head of the Deir Ezzor branch of the Future Syria Party, Muhammad Rajab, commented on the killing of Sheikh Mutashar al-Hafl and other notables in the region, describing it as a provocative act that aims to discredit the clans and the SDF and fueling fighting and conflicts in the region years after its liberation from ISIS.

Muhammad Rajab said in an interview with ANHA, "The victories achieved by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the political gains achieved by the Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern Syria mixed the cards of some of the parties hostile to the region, and for this they resorted to playing the chaos and sedition card, by targeting the symbols of the region and its sheikhs, accusing the SDF of it."

Rajab added, "The targeting was very systematic and deliberate, from destabilizing security and stability with foreign hands through non-national foreign mercenary groups that infiltrate within the people of the region, and commit crimes and assassinations, and fanning the flames of sedition to show SDF as a force unable to protect its citizens."

 Rajab also confirmed that the demonstrations demanded to reveal the truth about the killing of Sheikh Al-Hafl, from which a group of mercenaries prepared in advance for these matters came out and fired on the military and security forces, and this was confirmed by the residents of the region who stressed the peaceful demonstrations, and denied any connection with those mercenaries, and they are themselves who were behind the assassinations.

The head of the Deir Ezzor branch of the Future Syria Party also expressed his pride in the tribal and patriotic cohesion that unites the tribes of the region as a whole, which thwarted this failed attempt to sow discredit between SDF and the people.

Regarding the purpose of those conspiracies, Muhammad Rajab stressed that all the facts on the ground have proven that the Autonomous Administration and the SDF are the ones that represent real democracy, but the people’s rallying around them did not satisfy some parties, especially the regime and Turkey, so they seek to create internal strife continuously after their military failure on all fronts.

Rajab addressed the general population of Syria with a word urging them to be vigilant about the plans being hatched for the region, to be far-sighted about them, and to adhere to the gains achieved in northern and eastern Syria thanks to its martyrs and their sacrifices.



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