"We support SDF to face the occupation"

One of the sheikhs of al-Tai Arab tribe rejected Turkey's efforts to occupy northern and eastern Syria, stressing that the region where the Kurds, Arabs, Syrians, Yazidis and all the components live is the safety valve for the whole region, calling for unity in the face of Turkish threats.

As Turkish threats of occupation continue, popular anti-occupation reactions continue

On August 17th, the Notables Body for Northern and Eastern Syria held a discussion forum for tribes of Al-Jazeera region to discuss Turkish threats and express their opinions and positions on the threats with the participation of 500 figures from Arab and Kurdish, Syriac, Armenian and Assyrian tribes.

Sheikh Hassan Farhan Abdul Rahman al-Tai, one of the leaders of the Arab tribe clan rejected the aspirations of Turkey 's illusions to establish a "safe zone", adding, "We say that the area where the Kurds, Arabs, Syrians, Yazidis, and all the components of northern and eastern Syria is safe zone and a safety valve for all zone.

Tribes confirmed during the forum that they stand by the SDF to defend the region in case Turkey launches any attack on northern and eastern Syria.

The people must organize themselves and defend the homeland

The people in northern and eastern Syria must organize and unite, we tribes support SDF fighters and all those who defend the lands of this homeland and offer martyrs for it," he said.

"We must stand united against the Turkish state in order to stop its threats against the areas of northern and eastern Syria," he said.




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