We to escalate struggle against Turkish occupation

Qamishlo city's people have denounced the Turkish aggression on the areas of Başûr Kurdistan, pointing out that the necessity of escalating the struggle against the Turkish occupation, stressing that they were bravely resisting against oppression, slavery, during mass rally.

Under the slogan "In the Spirit of the Şêladizê Uprising, We Will Defeat the Occupation, Protect Bradost and Liberate Afrin," hundreds of children of Qamishlo marched on Tuesday in protest against the Turkish occupation attacks on the areas of lawful defense zones and the areas of Başûr Kurdistan, and its violations against the Afrin people.

During the march, the people raised slogans condemning the Turkish occupation and attacks on the areas of the legitimate defense zones and Başûr Kurdistan; "No to the Turkish Occupation of South Kurdistan," Fascist Erdogan Falls," "Resistance is Life," "The Land Is our lands, the Sky Is Ours, and the History Is Ours, and the Campaign Whatever Is Difficult, Victory Is Our Ally, and Democracy Is Our Title."

On the arrival of the participants in the march at the Martyr Robar Square, the people held a minute of silence in honor of the souls of the martyrs, and then the member of the Kongra Star Shamsikhan Gilo delivered a speech saying, "We salute the strugglers' resistance in all areas that are exposed to the Turkish occupation's attacks."

Shamsikhan Gilo said that the Turkish attacks on the lawful defense zones were illegal and contrary to human rights. She denounced the silence of the Iraqi government and the government of Başûr Kurdistan, which remained silent about the aggressive attacks launched by the Turkish occupation on the areas of Başûr Kurdistan.

She called on all the people of the region and the people of Kurdistan to escalate the struggle against the Turkish occupation, and said, "We must resist with high morale," noting that the solidarity of the people and their resistance against the Turkish occupation would break the Turkish occupation and any force trying to undermine the security and stability of the region.

The march ended with chanting the slogans that saluted the resistance of militants in the territories and the lawful defense zones against the Turkish aggression.



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