We to not allow Turkey to divide Syria

The citizens from the Arab components who participated in the event which was held on Sunday in Kobani city said that the Turkish occupation aimed to separate Afrin from Syrian territories through building the occupation wall and stressed that they would not stay silent towards that.

Thousands of people participated in the event held in the city of Kobani condemning the partition wall being built by the Turkish occupation in Afrin, including citizens of the Arab component, and the people confirmed that the Turkish state is re-committing the massacres of the Ottomans in Afrin, through murdering, stealing and looting.

The sheikh Ibrahim Alice from the city of Manbij denounced the Turkish occupation of Afrin and said, "We will not allow the Turkish state to foil the democratic nation's project in the north and east of Syria, so when we saw that the Turkish occupation began to build a wall, we started the condemning activities because the construction of the wall means the division of Syria."

Zakiyya Mustafa denounced the Turkish occupation and said, "We condemn the construction of the partition wall in Afrin, and we as an Arab component stand beside our Kurdish brothers and sisters."

For her part, Maryam Ahmad pointed out that the Syrian people suffered a lot of occupiers, and added, "Now the Turkish state occupies the Syrian territories and wants to occupy more. Since a period, the Turkish occupation has been building a wall in Afrin, but we as an Arab component are ready for anything will be required from us for the sake of Afrin."

The citizens appealed to the international community to stand up to the Turkish occupation and stressed that they would not allow the division of the Syrian territories.



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