'We will work to affirm the rights of women in the Syrian constitution'

Participants in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue indicated that they will work to affirm women's rights in the Syrian constitution, to participate effectively in the political process and to solve the Syrian crisis.

The official of the Syriac Women's Union, Siham Qariou, and the co-chair of the Office of External Relations in the Autonomous Administration(AA) Amal Dada, told ANHA agency during their participation in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue held in the city of Kobanî on the role played by women in dialogue and their participation in finding a solution to the Syrian crisis. And the role of Women in the Syrian Constitution.

Where the head of the Office of External Relations in (AA) of the north and east of Syria, Amal Dada, stressed that the Syrian constitution must guarantee the rights of women, so as to be able to participate effectively in resolving the Syrian crisis.

Amal Dada pointed out that through their participation in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, they are working to effectively affirm women's rights.

The constitution draft and the basic principles of the Syrian constitution included two articles on women's rights: women's political, cultural, economic and social empowerment, further enhancing women's participation in decision-making processes and enabling them to participate in legitimate defense and security.

The second item of the draft law guarantees that men and women are equal in rights and duties, and all Syrian citizens have the same rights and duties without discrimination.

Siham said, " dialogue between the Syrians is important to get out of the crisis through consensus."

Siham Qariou said that women in the areas of (AA) have become a model for all women in the world and proved their worth, where they participated equally with men in all spheres of political, administrative and military life through the joint presidency and got what she aspires to.

At the end of her speech, Siham Qariou pointed out that they seek to affirm the role of women in order to be able to participate effectively in society and solve the Syrian crisis.



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