Weapons depot found in al-Baguz

The fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) found a warehouse of weapons that belongs to IS mercenaries in al-Baguz Foqani village.


Within the battle to defeat terrorism that is ongoing against IS mercenaries in the last village in Deir ez-Zor countryside which is al-Baguz Foqani, SDF fighters found a depot containing large quantities of heavy, medium and light weapons.

Hawar news agency's reporter who is keeping up with the campaign stated that the warehouse includes weapons such as sniper, mortar shells and cannons, bullets of various calibers, walky-talky devices, Dushka weapons of various calibers and PKC weapons.

Furthermore, the battle to defeat terrorism is still defeating IS mercenaries in al-Baguz village as they have been encircled in a very narrow area.


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