“We'll kill you there and accuse SDF fighters”

Yasser Sayyid Ahmed from the occupied city of Girê Spi said: He was subjected to torture relentlessly by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army under the pretext that he was dealing with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and revealed that the mercenaries said to him: "We will take you to the fighting fronts, and we will kill you there, and accuse the SDF fighters of committing this crime."

Since the Turkish state and its mercenaries occupied the city of Girê Spi/ Tel Abyad and Serekaniye/ Ras al-Ain, they have been practicing abhorrent violations and crimes against unarmed civilians, by displacing them from their homes, and looting and sabotaging their property.

In one of these episodes of violations, civilian 46-year-old Yasser Sayyid Ahmed from the village of Jalca of the city of Girê Spi/ Tel Abyad occupied by Turkey was subjected to brutal torture by mercenaries on the pretext that he had dealings with SDF, not to mention the theft and looting of all his property.

Yasser, who is from the Kurdish component, says: “The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation raided my house in the middle of the night under the pretext that I was dealing with SDF, mercilessly tortured me in various forms, tied my hand with a rope and hung me on top of the ceiling. The torture methods forced me to say things that I did not just to make them stop."

"I suffered 24 days under torture at the hands of the Turkish occupation mercenaries in the prison in Girê Spi/ Tel Abyad, they told me that we will take you to the front lines, we will kill you there, and we accuse SDF of the crime of killing you," he said.

Mercenaries stole all of the property belonging to Yasser Sayed Ahmed, including amount of one million Syrian pounds, in addition to stealing his car, which Yasser says is estimated at 12 million pounds, stealing 20 barrels of diesel and 60 sheep, in addition to looting all the furniture of his house, and a quantity of wheat and barley he storing.

Syed Ahmed stressed that the occupied city of Girê Spi/ Tel Abyad is witnessing a severe state of chaos, theft and looting, and of violations and crimes mercenaries the Turkish occupation committed against civilians.

After 24 days of detention at the mercenaries’, where Yasser was subjected to brutal torture, he was released, and managed to leave the city of Girê Spi / Tal Abyad and arrive with his family in the city of Kobani.



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