​​​​​​​Well underway Turkification: Clear difference between traitors and nationalists

The Turkification is still in progress in full swing in the occupied Syrian territories, through the Syrian tools, as the Syrian journalist Ali Nimr expressed his astonishment at "These groups launching the accusation of secession against the SDF," stressing that it is easy "to know who is traitor and those declares openly that it is part of Syria. "

And the so-called "Syrian opposition Salvation Government" of the Turkish occupation in Syria announced a few days ago, preparations for the start of the distribution of identity cards in the areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries, in an apparent attempt to separate.

This dangerous step is not the first of its kind, since after Turkey and its mercenaries occupied Syrian areas, they began to change their Syrian identity.

"An integral part of the previous steps"

About this, the Syrian journalist Ali Nimer said, "This step is not new, as it was carried out by the Turkish-backed factions in the various regions it occupied, especially the Kurdish ones, so it is an integral part of the previous steps that are being carried out under Turkish supervision and planning. I do not think that the objectives are ( Jabhat al-Nusra), which is currently called (Hayat Tahrir al-Sham), differs from the Turkestan Islamic Party, or the factions under the name (National Army).

"The total package occupation of northern Syria"

This policy began with appointing Turkish governors and changing the demography of the region, as after the displacement of the original inhabitants of the region, the Turkish occupation transferred thousands of its mercenaries families to these areas, especially from the Turkmen, and these groups also introduced curricula, and Turkish flags were raised in these areas.

In this context, Nimer explained: “The regret here is that after 10 years of peaceful popular movement that turned into militarization and war, some are still not convinced of the lowliness and arrogance of the Erdogan regime and its sabotage in the areas it occupied. The biggest problem is that some of those are not yet aware of the Turkish project that started with an ethnic cleansing campaign to change the demographic structure; that is, the occupation of all descriptions of the entire Syrian north.

"Their supporters accuse the Kurds and the SDF of separatism

He added, "This is happening in full swing at a time when the supporters of these same people are coming out and accusing the Kurdish forces of separating, knowing that all the areas under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces live on them with all their Syrian components without any actions that reach describing it as a violation, despite the fact that many reports came out with clear agendas. I tried to play on this chord with international organizations, but the latest UN report issued by the Commission of Inquiry revealed the extent of the violations committed by the National Army, which amounts to war crimes.

'High treason"

This did not end, as, in a new blow to the Syrian identity in these areas, the Turkish occupation imposed trading in its currency instead of the Syrian national currency.

A week ago, the so-called rescue government of the Turkish occupation issued a decision providing for dealing in the Turkish lira in all areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries, and it threatened those who deal in the Syrian pound with accountability.

Commenting on this, the Syrian journalist said: “In international norms, this decision can only be considered a part of“ national treason, ”and this matter expresses the extent of their employment of those who destroyed their country, and thus reveals the truth and objectives of the armed factions controlling these areas and their supporters, It is the completion of the plot to hit the Syrian economy

"What we talked about is enough to know the traitor of the patriot."

Nimr emphasized that "This decision denies them the patriotism, and confirms that they are merely mercenaries and they have completely moved away from what the Syrian people left for."

The Syrian journalist concluded, saying: "This is enough to find out who is traitor who declares openly that he is part of Syria that achieves a free and democratic life for all its citizens."



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