​​​​​​​What are AKP's goals of ongoing escalation in Heftenin?

Turkey and the Justice and Development Party (AKP) consider the Kurdish people a source of danger to their expansion projects in the region, and observers believe that the continuous escalation in "Heftenin" region aims to strike the democratic nation project and control the environmental resources in Kurdistan in general.

Turkish occupation is an alleged empire over others' civilization and cultures

The history of the Turkish occupation is full of massacres, and that comes within the framework of its completion of its projects based on the extermination of all peoples in the Middle East, especially the massacres it committed against the Armenian people, which have not been recognized yet.

The Turkish occupation is trying to build its alleged empire on the civilization of others and the cultures of the peoples whose rights were persecuted by it throughout the ages.

The Turkish occupation is afraid of the democratic nation’s project and the revolution of oppressed peoples' freedom which emerged from the thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the guarantor of all components and minorities under one roof because it stands in the face of the ambitions and aspirations of the Justice and Development Party.

Since the 16th  of last June, the Turkish occupation has been intensifying its attacks on "Heftenin" area in the legitimate defense zones (media) with the aim of expanding its occupation and extending its influence in the region; however, the Peoples' Defense Forces (HPG) fighters have shown legendary resistance to deter those attacks and thwart their plans.

The issue of existence or not existence

The official of the Kurdistan Green Party in ed-Dirbasiyah district Mohamed Hussein Mohamed indicated during an interview held by Hawar news agency with him that the Kurdish people are peaceful people with a historical legacy and principles of co-existence and pluralism, “but the Kurdish issue for the Turkish state means the issue of existence or non-existence."

Mohamed noted that the existence of the Kurdish people and issue constitutes a major obstacle to Turkey and its occupational projects in all parts of Kurdistan, and he said: "The goal of the Turkish occupation is to strike the democratic nation project as a concept and thought."

Onslaught of ambitions

The goals of the Turkish occupation by launching its successive attacks are numerous, the most important of which is achieving its ambitions and controlling the environmental resources by which most of Kurdistan regions are characterized. Mohamed explained that the onslaught of the Turkish occupation is "an onslaught of ambitions because Kurdistan is rich in wealth."

Mohamed made it clear that if all peoples in all parts of Kurdistan are united, no force can stand in front of them or divide them "because unity and close ranks with any society or any issue is always what achieves the gains."

Unification of parties to repel attacks

At the end of his speech, the official of the Kurdistan Green Party in ed-Dirbasiyah Mohamed Hussein Mohamed stressed that all coexisting peoples in Kurdistan are targeted by the Turkish state, calling on all Kurdish political parties to unite and close ranks to repel all external attacks that target Kurdistan.



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