What are principles and objectives of Syria Future Party?

The Future Syria Party adopts a view that can agree with all the peoples and components of Syria within the framework of realistic principles and objectives that can be representative of all sectors and components of Syria and capable of intervening in political reality at all levels. What are the principles and objectives of the party program?


Syria Future Party has a number of principles to suit all the spectrums and components of the party and has the potential to overcome its ordeal to become the leader of innovation, development and stability in its regional and international context, based on the following principles:

The people of Syria are one people, united by a common history and proud of the Syrian identity, the unified pluralism of the land and the people.

· Adopting a decentralized democratic state system.

· Independence of the Syrian decision to determine the future and to co exsitence in a country where democracy and individual and collective human rights prevail.

· Change and democratization are a necessary requirement and the people are basically concerned with taking the initiative to achieve it.

• Resolve all ethnic and national issues in accordance with international covenants and conventions and include them in Syria's new constitution.

.Freedom, justice and equality are natural rights for every Syrian citizen without discrimination on the basis of nationality, belief, gender or color.

• Politics belongs to the society and a means to secure its requirements through management itself in the optimal manner, and the right of citizens to participate in the political process and to provide ways and means to the individual and society in all components to organize itself free will.

• The neutrality of the state towards religions and beliefs, and the freedom to practice religious rites and rituals, and secularism is not considered anti-religious.

• To renounce violence and fight terrorism and extremism in all its forms.

· Combating tyranny and totalitarianism and all its systems and intellectual, political and behavioral manifestations.

· Emphasize that peaceful political struggle is a fundamental principle for overcoming crises and resolving disputes.

· Developing an anti-exploitation and monopolistic social economy that achieves social justice and ensures the well-being of individuals and society.

• Achieve full equality between men and women.

· To consider youth as a vital force essential for ensuring the development and progress of society.

· Establishes our party for a pluralistic national state that plays its role in regional and global stability through good-neighborly relations and international relations based on common interests.

Syria belongs to its regional and global environment, and the cultures and components of the Syrian people have the right to establish the best relations with the peoples of the region.

The Future Syria Party aims at highlighting the national identity of Syria with all its sects and religions, consolidating the foundations of peace, moving away from authoritarianism, and the objectives that the party seeks to implement:

· To highlight the Syrian national identity as a multi-national identity, religions and cultures.

· Prepare a new draft constitution for the country that respects freedoms, guarantees all rights of citizenship and constituents, conforms to the standards of democracy and human rights principles, and adopts separation between the three authorities.

· Building a state based on the rule of law and consolidating the foundations of social peace through the empowerment of a conscious and moral society.

· Contribute with the international forces to consolidate stability and ensure world peace.

· Peaceful transfer of power.

· All citizens benefit from public services without distinction between them.

· Securing the basic necessities necessary for a free and dignified life.

• Enable displaced persons to return to their homes and safeguard their full rights.

• Support for equal citizenship rights in rights and duties without discrimination.

· Supporting and activating the role of women and youth in all fields and levels.

· Ensuring the equitable distribution of national wealth, developing a friendly social and cooperative economy and supporting the non-monopoly and exploitative market economy.

· Protecting the environment, spreading environmental awareness and encouraging projects that serve the environmental balance.

· Establishing the best relations with the countries of the region and the rest of the world on the basis of mutual cooperation and common interests without interfering in the internal affairs and seeking to build fruitful trade relations and safe borders to support and deliver humanitarian assistance and revive the affected areas.

The Future Syria Party was founded on 27 March during its founding meeting, which included representatives of various peoples and regions of Syria, such as Idlib, al-Raqqa, Manbij, Deir –ez-Zor, al-Hasakah,( Tel-Abyed /Gire sipi )and North Syria Fereration regions .

Members of the party agreed to abide by the relevant UN resolutions, especially resolution 2254, that all factions of the Syrian people should be represented in the political process, including drafting a new constitution for the country and participating freely in the presidential and parliamentary elections under the supervision of the United Nations.



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