What happened in Şekatko village on this day?

On this day, on February 9, 2018, the people of Şekatko village of Şiyê district of Janders area were massacred by the Turkish occupation aircraft. What are the details of this massacre?


On 20 January last year, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries launched attacks on Afrin canton, in which they violated all moral and material values. They committed many massacres against the inhabitants, among these massacres was the massacre of Şekatko village.

On February 9 last year, at 12:00 noon, Turkish warplanes flew over the village of Şekatko in Şiyê district. Several raids were carried out on the houses of the village residents, killing seven members of one family, including children.

On the first day of the bombing, several hours after the massacre, the rescue teams went to the village in an attempt to retrieve the bodies of those who were martyred and the wounded, if they were found, but because the flight continued to fly over the village, the rescue teams could not retrieve the bodies that remained under the roof of the house .

The teams returned on the second day to the village. After a great effort, they managed to remove all the bodies from the rubble, most of which were turned into shreds.

It is noteworthy that the violations of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against the people after their occupation of Afrin continues to this day amid international silence about the committed massacres by the occupation army and its mercenaries of crimes and violations against the people of Afrin.



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