What is going in occupied territories?

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are burning agricultural crops of the Kurdish citizens in the occupied areas of northwestern Syria, in addition to other violations affecting women as the forced marriage and the imposition of the veil.

Violations of the Turkish occupation army continue against the people in the occupied areas of northwestern Syria (Jrablos, Bab, Azaz, Afrin and Idlib.)

Violations against the people

A source from al-Bab said that the mercenaries in the villages of Noman, Tal Jarji, Nesibin, Qebasin and Qubbat Sheih are abusing indigenous people, especially in the Kurdish-majority villages.

According to the sources, the mercenaries impose royalties on the families and practice kidnappings to blackmail the residents and force them to pay money for the release of the abductees.

The Turkifiacation continuous

The same source confirmed that about 80% of the original inhabitants of al-Bab were forced out of their areas occupied by the Turkish army and mercenaries.

Since mid-August 2016, Turkey has occupied about 10% of Syria's territory, and has followed the policy of Turkifiacation and demographic change.

The Turkish occupation army has housed tens of thousands of mercenary families in the homes of displaced people, and Turkish flags have been raised over institutions and in public squares.

Turkish language was imposed in schools, identity cards were issued by the Turkish state and young men were forced to join the ranks of mercenary groups belonging to Turkey.

Burning of crops and land grabs

The source added that the farmers in the villages of Noman, Tal Jarji, Nesibin, Qebasin and Qubbat Sheih, the predominantly Kurdish are being robbed, mercenaries do not allow them to harvest, and the mercenaries seize those agricultural lands to establish houses and shops.

Fearing angry reactions to these practices, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries suppress any form of protest and put hundreds of abductees in prison.

Forced marriage

The source said that widowed women are forced to marry mercenaries and to wear the niqab, and women avoid going out of their homes for fear of the practices of mercenary groups.




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