What is the condition of 4 children who were wounded by a Turkish shell?

The medical staff of the People's Hospital in the city of al-Hasakah stated that the condition of the two children, Ali Mahmoud Shalo and Suleiman Nasr Shalo, is stable, and they will be discharged, while the two children, Khaled and Badran Shalo, are under observation for an additional 48 hours.

Four children were wounded; Suleiman Nasr Shalo (11 years), Badran Nasr Shalo (15 years), Ali Mahmoud Shalo (11 years), and Khaled Mahmoud Shalo (13 years) from the village of Mujibra, northeast of Tal Tamr district of al-Hasakah canton, on December 3rd, when a shell exploded of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, non-explosives fell earlier. They were taken to the People's Hospital in the city of Hasakah for treatment.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are constantly bombing the villages of Tal Tamr and Zarghan, with heavy weapons. Targeting citizens, service facilities and medical centers.


The child Suleiman Nasr Shalo was wounded by shrapnel in his left foot, while the child Ali Mahmoud Shalo was wounded in his left foot and right hand. The nurse in the intensive care unit, Ahmed Farhan, confirmed that their health condition is stable, and they will be discharged today from the hospital.

As for the two children, Khaled Shalo, who was wounded by shrapnel in the head, and the child Badran Shalo, who was wounded with shrapnel in the abdomen, they are subject to 48-hour medical observation, according to Farhan.

While the father of the two children, Badran and Suleiman Shalo, Nasr Shalo, indicated, "The Turkish occupation is constantly targeting the villages of North and East Syria, including the village of Al-Mujibra, and some of the shells fall and do not explode, which poses a threat to the lives of citizens."

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