Who is behind the malicious tricks in Deir-ez-Zor governorate?

During the past few days, a series of assassinations targeted a number of Shiekhs and Arab notables, and Deir-ez-Zor was the scene of these assassinations. What do they want from Deir-ez-Zor? How should the event be read, given the circumstances and location of these assassinations? Who is behind it?

The social structure prevailing in all of Syria and in Deir-ez-Zor in particular is the tribal structure, where there are hundreds of clans in Deir-ez-Zor such as Akkidat, Jabour, Bakara and Shammar, and the presence of these clans is not limited to Deir-ez-Zor only, but rather has extensions and presence in many other Syrian regions and also in many Arab countries, and the number of its members is thousands.

This prevailing tribal structure is very important for international and regional powers seeking to expand their influence in the region, by spreading division, discord and strife between these clans, or between other ethnic entities, and in conjunction with the Syrian war these situations have further complicated these situations, and many international powers have sought to hatch tricks against these clans.

Tribes depend on the pillar of social transformation and the development of the region's culture and heritage. Even these clans and large families control the leaders of many local administrations or countries.

Therefore, reading the topic from a tribal point of view only will not contribute to understanding the dimensions of this issue well, because the reality and the truth are very complex, and they are of great importance in developing the history of the region as the importance of religious and sectarian conflicts, as it is certainly a political issue.

The aim behind these malicious policies practiced against the clans at this particular stage is to stir up racist and nationalist strife across the clans, thus pitting the peoples of the region against each other.

Arab tribes have a nationalistic spirit, and this national spirit occupies a great importance to them, and this is natural. For example, societies in which the social structure of tribes prevails tend to have a pattern of democratic administration, if external interference does not occur and sectarian and sectarian strife is not aroused and strife is spread, and therefore stoking conflicts between societies, it is not difficult for these circles to live in a democratic and peaceful lifestyle, and this has been evident in the framework of entity of the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria for 10 years.

So, given the reality and the event in Deir-ez-Zor, what would the scene look like for us?

When ISIS was eliminated in Deir-ez-Zor, the forces that relied on ISIS to implement their ends in the region suffered a severe and painful blow, and the strong blow to these forces is that the defeat of ISIS was at the hands of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF, which is an army that represents the free will of the peoples of the region.

On the other hand, the reactionary powers and states, and the forces of the nation-state based on the authority of the family, nationality, or class, sought to eliminate the SDF and autonomous administration, which were in turn based on the principle of the democratic nation, and in order to achieve this, they organized the remnants of ISIS mercenaries in the form of sleeping cells, and began planning new and different methods and ways to regain control of the region.

Later, the SDF carried out a military operation against ISIS cells, and they were able to eliminate them, which led the sleeper cells to adopt new methods to target the SDF and autonomous administration, and the most effective method for them was targeting and assassinating notables and tribal leaders.

There is no doubt that the choice of the targeted tribal character is also important. On the second of November 2018, one of the leaders of the Abdullah Bashir clan, Faisal al-Huwaidi, was targeted, and on the third of August of 2020, one of the elders of the al-Akkidat clan, Suleiman al-Kassar, was targeted. Recently, the sheikh of the al-Akkidat clan, Ibrahim Khalil Jadaan, was targeted, and it is very clear that these clans were systematically and deliberately chosen.

It is clear that clan feuds are raised on the one hand, and the matter is portrayed as if the Kurds are responsible for these assassinations on the other hand, and therefore the nationalist feelings among Arab tribes against the Kurds are raised, and the dispute and conflict between the Kurds and Arabs are raised.

But the issue is no longer related to Kurdish and Arab disputes and conflicts. Rather, those behind them are those forces that seek to control the two parties, strike people together, and strengthen their authority over the debris of these conflicts.

A long time ago, these games are passed on in Deir-ez-Zor by various malicious methods. Therefore, these tricks, which are planned at the hands of the conflicting forces and hostile to autonomous administration can be confronted and foiled by correct approaches by the Kurdish and Arab peoples and the rest of the peoples.

When ISIS was slaughtering people, beheading with swords, and throwing people alive in wells, these peoples rallied around each other and rallied and strengthened their unity on the fronts of freedom, and the result of this continuous joint struggle was that the autonomous administration and its military forces represented by the Syrian Democratic Forces were able to thwart this dirty game.

The trick that was hatched at that time by ISIS mercenaries, and which was thwarted through the common struggle of the peoples, they are now seeking to implement, this time by the people of the region, except that the forces behind it are the same forces.

In the recent period, many agents of the Turkish intelligence MIT appeared, which clearly indicates who is behind these assassinations.

The truth is that the trick is open and clear, as they start carrying out assassinations at the hands of people who were recruited as agents, and then it is promoted that the notables are under attack, and later AA and SDF will be accused of these crimes, and after the people are pitted against each other, they leave it fighting.

But the regressive effects of these games will be thwarted by thwarting the special ways and methods of war. Otherwise, the occupying and fascist powers will base their future on the blood of the people. Once again, the peoples that will cause many losses will be the Arab, Kurdish, Syriac, Armenian and the rest of the people of the region.



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