Who is the Turkish intelligence agent arrested in Kobani?

He admitted that he was involved in arresting dozens of young Kurds at the hands of Turkish intelligence, while he gave coordinates of the security sites to the intelligence, so who is the secret agent of the Turkish (MIT) who was arrested in Kobani.

This week, in an intelligence operation, the security services have arrested a Turkish intelligence agent (MTT) in a neighborhood of the city of Kobani.

The confession of the agent, Serdar Abdi, included detailed events about the months he worked as an informant for the Turkish intelligence services, while he had persons working within the Autonomous Administration in the areas of northern and eastern Syria caught in the grip of the Turkish government.

Serdar Muhammad Abdi, 30, is from the village of Dongiz, south of the city of Kobani. He is married and has a daughter. He worked for years in various regions in North Kurdistan between 2013 and 2019.

Turkish intelligence offers Serdar to work with it

During Ramadan 2017, Serdar met a member of the Turkish intelligence services called "Ali" in the main bus stop in the city of Reha (Urfa), and he asked Serdar, who was working as a carpenter, to work for them about huge sums of money, since he comes from Kobani and knows these areas well .

Serdar says that one of his friends, Shukri Barkal, who is from the city of Kobani, and an active agent for Turkish intelligence inside Turkey, introduced him to "Ali" and he is director of intelligence services in the state of Reha (Urfa) and decided to work together.

Serdar's mission at the beginning

As a rudimentary task, Ali requested that Serdar get to know the people who work in the Autonomous Administration institutions in northern and eastern Syria, especially Kobani canton, and find out if some of them are visiting areas of northern Kurdistan or within Turkish territory.

Serdar has worked for several months between 2017 and 2019 as an agent, introducing the people of Kobani who are related to the Autonomous Administration to Turkish intelligence to be arrested in a number of cities in northern Kurdistan, among them his cousin, who is named Muhammad Abdul Qadir Abdi.

During the mission entrusted to him, Serdar gained approximately $ 6 thousand, as a result of transmitting that information to Shukri Barkal and the member of the Turkish Intelligence Ali, and approximately 20 people were arrested, while Shukri got around 100 people from Kobani arrested in northern Kurdistan.

Serdar mission after entering Kobani

At the beginning of this year, Ali asked Serdar to go to the city of Kobani to work on the transfer of the coordinates that are required of him and accurately, as a new task entrusted to him.

"Turkish intelligence asked me about information about several sites inside the city during the month of March," Serdar said, "I photographed the General Center for Internal Security Forces, one of the security centers north of 48th Street, as well as a site for the security forces in Barakel Hill, and another site south of the city on Tirmik road, which is a house that was inhabited by security leaders at the time, and I sent these pictures along with definitions and coordinates on the maps of these sites. "

In April, a Turkish drone dropped two shells in front of the building of the Internal Security Forces (Asayîş ) in the city of Kobani, and the attack did not cause any casualties.

Luring young Kurds with money

Serdar Abdi notes in the midst of his confession that Turkish intelligence arms are working to lure Kurdish youths in northern Kurdistan and Turkey, to turn them into agents against their families and their land as they have done to him, asking Kurdish youths to exercise caution and avoid such "dirty" acts.”


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