Who smuggles ISIS women from al-Hol camp? Here irrefutable evidence

Messages between a group of ISIS women who tried to flee from al-Hol camp had been revealed how ISIS leaders in Idlib, where Turkish occupation army are heavily existed, smuggled women through sleeper cells to the Turkish occupation areas in Syria and from there to Turkey.

On Friday, the ISF in al-Hol camp arrested 5 ISIS women with Russian citizenship, and were accompanied by 13 children between the ages of 1-7 years while trying to escape from al-Hol camp, 45 km east of al-Hasakah city.

ISIS organizes smuggling operations in areas occupied by Turkey

Hawar news agency (ANHA) obtained conversations and audio clips from the coordinator's phone and the link between the camp women and ISIS leaders in the Idlib governorate of Syria, which is called Saida Sultan Mouloud, who is Russian.

Conversations and text messages sent through the "WhatsApp" application, Saida Sultan Mouloud, communicate with an official smuggling ISIS women from the Autonomous Administration camps to the Turkish occupation areas, which is named Abu al-Hareth al-Iraqi " (which is existed in the city of Salqin, 5 km from the border Turkish), and with an official of the ISIS families, called Abu Saleh, and responsible for transporting women, called Haji Shaker.

The messages also show the communication of the invited Saida Mouloud with the Iraqi mercenary Abu al-Hareth, who is responsible for smuggling women of ISIS mercenaries from al-Hol camp towards the cities of "Jarabulus, al-Bab, and Idlib" which are occupied by the Turkish occupation army.

ISIS element who is named Abu al-Hareth, holds Iraqi nationality, exists currently in Idlib governorate was responsible of messages and audio recording, and uses Turkish phone numbers, and moves with the orders of an ISIS official Abu Saleh relying on smuggling of ISIS women on a H1 van driver, called Hajji Shukri, who is responsible for transporting ISIS women after their departure from al-Hol camp, to Jarabulus, and from there to al-Bab, to Idlib, and this is confirmed by the talks between Saida Sultan Mouloud and ISIS, the driver of the car, Haji Shaker, that.

Special homes to ISIS in the occupied territories and in Turkish territories.

The messages and audio recordings between the two parties confirm the presence of 3 special homes for ISIS mercenaries are spread in the areas of the Turkish occupation "Jarablus, al-Bab, and Idlib", as well as one in Turkish territories, in which ISIS women are assembled until they marry ISIS mercenaries or facilitate their movement in those areas.

In a meeting of ANHA agency with ISIS element, Saida Sultan Mouloud, she confirmed her responsibility for coordination between women of ISIS mercenaries in the camp, and ISIS leaders in the Syrian governorate of Idlib.

Saida holds Russian nationality in her third decade, and she has 5 children, namely, Maryam, Safiya, Zainab, Elias, Ismail, from a British husband named Hassan Yaqoub, who is in charge of administrative affairs for the families of ISIS mercenary deaths, currently detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces, according to what she said Saida.

In the details of her departure to Syria, Saida says, "My husband and I entered Syria at the end of 2015, after my husband asked to come to Syria and jihad. We entered through the Turkish lands, and we went to al-Raqqa, from there to al-Bukamal, and from there to Hajin and then al-Baghuz, and we were arrested in al-Baghuz, they brought me here with my children. "

She confirmed that she is in contact with Abu al-Hareth and Abu Saleh to smuggle ISIS women from the camp towards the Syria's Idlib governorate, passing through the cities of Jarablus and al-Bab.

Despite the crackdown by security forces in al-Hol camp, ISIS women are constantly trying to flee the camp.

Al-Hol camp is considered the largest and most dangerous of its kind among the camps located in the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria, as the camp currently includes more than 66 thousand people among the displaced and refugees, among them more than 40 thousand elements of the families of ISIS mercenaries, "Syrians, Iraqis, foreigners."

It is noteworthy that the Syrian Democratic Forces have arrested 19 thousand ISIS mercenaries from 53 foreign countries, and are being detained in SDF prisons, and with 40,000 elements of their families, that put pressure and additional burden on AA amid negligence of international society.



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