Who supplied IS mercenaries with chemical weapons?


In the north and east of Syria, the Syrian-Syrian dialogue took place in which the Syrians participated in order to find ways to solve the Syrian crisis. In parallel with this dialogue, the countries that are fighting for their interests and dividing Syria, gathered in Astana.

In the midst of these developments, the Russian Ministry of Defense made a statement in which it claimed that IS mercenaries to the use of chemical weapons against SDF, brought 11 specialists from outside Syria, who are preparing these weapons.

According to a statement by the Russian Defense Ministry, which was heavily highlighted by the Russian media, the place where the chemical weapons is being prepared is located in a village located in areas controlled by the Syrian regime. It was previously used as a hospital, what is striking is that Russia, which has obtained all this information, has not made any movement against IS mercenaries.

In Syria, the Syrian regime used the chemical by a green light from Russia several times against mercenaries gangs, and the mercenary gangs of the Turkish occupation also used chemical weapons against the People's Protection Units in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo in 2016. After the Syrian regime and Russia escalated their attacks on Idlib, the use of chemical weapons once again became the focus of the debate. The Western countries warned the Syrian regime that Russia must not use chemical weapons. But Russia claimed that the mercenaries in Idlib were preparing chemical weapons for use in attacks on areas under the Syrian regime, but during the Sochi agreement between Russia and Turkey, the issue was marginalized and not addressed .

Two months after the Sochi agreement, it was claimed that mercenary gangs based in western Aleppo had launched chemical weapons attacks on the Syrian-controlled city of Aleppo, meaning that what Russia said had happened, Syrian observers say such a claim Just before the Astana meeting is not unusual, and it is said that the beneficiary of this is who is behind the attack.

The discussions and plans during the Astana meeting, which included countries that pursue dirty policies in Syria, but at this time the Russian Defense Ministry's statement, that IS mercenaries are preparing for an attack with chemical weapons against Syria's Democratic Forces(SDF) is most striking.

The information published by Russia about a number of specialized mercenary elements, the name of the village, and the location of the weapons, which were used as a hospital, create many questions.

The first question: Was a decision to attack SDF with chemical weapons with the help of Russia taken at the Astana meeting?

If IS mercenaries have chemical weapons, why have not they used them so far?

If it is true that there are chemical weapons in the hands of mercenaries, why did not Russia move so far despite the existence of this amount of information?

We can ask more questions in this context, but what is important is to know that if chemical weapons are used in Deir ez-Zor, there will certainly be a number of countries in the region that support these terrorist gangs.