Whole family killed in Ain Issa by Turkish forces

It has been reported that last night between 02:00 and 03:00 AM local time Turkish occupation forces targeted the village of Sefawiye in which a family of four member was killed by a tank shell.

According to ANHA's Khelef Zaidan Issa, 54, Ziyad, 12, Muna and Huda of the village of Sefawiye in eastern Ain Issa just on the M4 were all murdered via a tank shell by the Turkish occupation forces as information on the condition of mother and a child who were transferred into a Raqqa hospital remain obscure.

Sefawiye that lies in eastern Ain Issa just 3 km distance to Shargragh Silos beneath the International M4 was open yesterday evening to heavy shelling.



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