Wife of IS mercenary, “I would like to return to Lebanon”

She spent several years among mercenaries. After her husband was killed, she married another mercenary, he was also killed. After launching al-Jazeera Tempest campaign, she arrived at al-Hol camp. She says, "I want to return to my country after I was threatened to be separated from my daughter."


During IS mercenaries’ occupation to many areas in northern and eastern Syria, the families of mercenaries joined them from all countries of the world, but the mercenaries’ end is imminent after being trapped in a span of less than 700 meters. During the al-Jazeera Tempest campaign in its latest phase, The Syrian Democratic Forces have been able to save thousands of civilians, including the families of IS mercenaries, and transporting them to al-Hol camp.

Some of these women are remorseful about joining their mercenary husbands and have not yet awakened from Daesh nightmare. Amal Mohammed is one of them, her hopes are somewhat different after her mercenary husband deceived her and threatened to deprive her of the apple of her eyes. What is the story of this Daesh woman coming from the city of Tripoli from Lebanon?

Amal Mohammed, mother of two children, aged 20, married Mohammed Mahmoud in Lebanon, who disappeared after marriage to leave her without news. Amal was pregnant with her child. "After a while, he called me to tell me that he was staying in Rihaniyah in Turkey, he asked me to join him, so I agreed and decided to travel to Rihaniyah. "

After a period of staying in Rihaniya, her husband told her that he would join the mercenaries and go to Syria. She refused to go with him, but he forced her to take her daughter with him to Syria. "I had no choice. I said that the situation in Syria was not safe, but he forced me and threatened to take my child with him. "

After crossing the Syrian-Turkish border without any hindrance, she headed to Idlib and then to Aleppo, and then Manbij and al-Raqqa, to end up in Deir ez-Zor. Her mercenary husband joined the course to learn sniping, becoming a sniper among mercenaries, then he killed in battle by the Syrian Democratic Forces, "I kept communicating with my family and they sent me money to be able to get out of Syria, but my husband took all the money from me and spent it all on his personal pleasures," she said.

Amal says the mercenaries used her as a commodity, she was sold to another mercenary after her husband was killed as if a “gift”, where she married another Syrian mercenary from Damascus.

During a gathering of mercenaries in al-Baghuz area, after al-Jazeera Tempest campaign, her second husband was also killed, until the Syrian Democratic Forces opened a safe corridor to al-Hol camp.

"I suffered many a woe to stay with my daughter after my husband's threats, and I want to go back to Lebanon," Amal said.


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